Enlightenment Issue MADE Magazine - Page 18

MADEFEATURES MADEXXXX CHARLAMAGNE THA GOD SOUNDS OFF ON MAXIMIZING YOUR PRIVILEGE SOCIAL MEDIA IS GREAT, BUT… “I think it hurts the way millennials hustle because a lot of hustle is actual face-to- face interaction. A lot of hustle is actually going out there and shaking hands, looking people in the eye and having conver- sations with people. I don’t necessarily believe I could prosper the way I have without actually meeting people. A lot of times reputation precedes you. For me, when I filled out job applications, I used to have to put everything I had been arrested for, crimes I had been convicted for. I think if a lot of those people hadn’t sat down with me and talked with me, I think they would have had their reservations. I’ve been fired four times. I think if these radio people only knew me from social media or what they read, they probably weren’t going to hire me. The fact that I’m able to go out there and kick it with them, shake their hands and have dinner with them, I think that’s the reason I’ve constantly got put in the positions I’m in. Social media is a gift and a curse because you’re open to a much larger audience, and it’s easier to get into the ears of people, but it’s also a curse because I think it’s really taking away people’s natural interaction with each other.” realize there’s something to be said about experience. I don’t think they respect experience like they used to. But you know, everybody’s got a birthday. If you’re lucky enough to get to your late thirties or early forties and still have a career, congratulations.” YOU CAN’T ESCAPE THE PROCESS. STAY HUMBLE. DON’T MAKE THESE MISTAKES… “The biggest mistakes millennials make is not being able to recognize an opportunity if there’s no pay- check attached to it. I truly believe that. It’s two things— attitude and not being able to recognize an opportunity unless there’s a paycheck attached to it. Attitude is probably the biggest thing because there’s so many kids who are getting in their own way because they think they know every goddamn thing. Not only do they think they know everything, they think they’re better than you at what you do. A lot of times, it’s simply because of an age thing. When I was a young kid in radio, I thought I was better than everybody. And I might have been talent wise, but that talent means nothing if you don’t have the experience to go with it. I think these kids don’t made-magazine.com | 18 “You don’t have a choice. I have a whole chapter in my book about that’s called, “Put The Weed In The Bag.” You can’t escape the process. You can’t escape those steps. You can’t go from 0 to 50—that’s not how any of this works! That’s just unrealistic thinking. If you want to be a lawyer, you’ve got to go to law school. If you want to be a doctor, you’ve got to go to medical school. If you want to get in radio, you’re going to have to do an internship. That’s just the way the game goes. You cannot escape the process. You have no )ЁѼɸѼ䁥и)Ёݡԁ)Ё́ո]$)ٕѡ$ݕЁѡɽ՝)ɅЁ́ͽѕ䰁ͥѥٕ)ЁոAɥٕ䁙ɥP)Ёٕѡ%Ё݅́ոQ)Ё݅$Ё́)Ё׊eɔ)Ѽ ɹ1٥9)eɬӊéͥ́ѡɗe)ѡԁЁи)e׊eٔЁѼɔЁͽ)ѡѼѡЁѼ)ȁѥ)ɽՍѥ͔ٔӊéѼ)хͥ́ɕɑ̻