Enlightenment Issue MADE Magazine - Page 17

MADEFEATURES MADEXXXX genuine curiosity. I just mix that up and go. MADE: You have all these projects and I know you have a lot more that you want to accomplish, but do you feel like you made it? CTG: No, I don’t. I don’t why. That’s a good question. I don’t though. My mother told me a long time ago, “Just be happy that you’re making a living.” I feel that I’m making a great living. I just don’t feel like I made it yet. And I don’t know what’s going to make me feel like that to be totally honest with you. I don’t know what’s going to make me say, “Wow, I made it.” I know the goals I’m looking at and the people I look up to. I look up to Steve Harvey, Ryan Seacrest and Howard Stern. Those are the individuals who made it. They’re good. They will forever be etched in stone. I feel like with my legacy, I’m really just starting to establish, right now in this moment. MADE: What other areas of entertainment do you want to explore? CTG: I love creating, meaning I love the whole executive producer vibe. I love finding talent, developing talent and building shows around that talent. Whether it’s a podcast, television or roles for movies. I’m writing scripts now. I’ve got TV ideas that I’ve come up with in the works, movie ideas I’ve come up with. Reality shows. I love that space. I love that space of creating. Finding new people, putting them on and empowering them. That’s how you’re forever in the game. I really feel that way. I really feel like you’re defined by the people you empower. MADE: What has been the key to y W WfWFvFWB6vrvR&S5Ds( Bg&BFw&rFN( 2FW FrFƲ&WBג&( Frr֗BЦw2FrFN( 2vWfW"ƖVBF@vR( Wrg&VG>( 66WB&V6W6RfVVƖRvVR6WBW'6Vbfbg&frWpg&VG2R6WBW'6Vbfbg&WrVRWrWW&V6W2BVRv6VPw&rBv6VRWffR( @g&BFw&r( Bg&BFWffR6WfV৖V'2vvVf'7B7F'FVBF2גFVvFW v6( BVvBV'2Bv6( B'&VB6WfV৖V'2vFW&R&RFffW&VBFw2FBVখW"ƖfRFB6W6RRFw&rBWffRFN( 2W7BvB( fRFRfV( B6vVBFR6&RbR27FFR6RDSvN( 2FRFrRvBVPFFRvg&W"&5DsW7FǒW7BvBVRF&PVvW&VBvBVRF&R2VvW&V@&VFrג&2v2VvW&VBgFW &VFrg&vv2FvG2'FPWF&w&b6'WWW76vRFFR&6W&6'VƖVBBgFW"&VBFRfW"w&VVVG2ऒW7BvBVRF&RVvW&VBFW"V^( 27F&W2VvW&VBRw&vpW&VV&W"FRf'7BFR&VBg&vv0FvG2'BFRvRv2FƶrFP&FVr&6VRv26&VWfB@6BFBƗFW&ǒBF6vRגv0VFFVǒgFW"&VBFRWF&w&`6&VƗVBFB6v26P6ƗGFRFBW7BFV6W2RFR&6W702&VWfW'R6WffRWfW'R6w&p6W7BvBVRF&VBF2&@vVVVǒfVVVvW&VBvBVRFfVVƖR( VfbvBWfW'&G2Fƶr&WB( ХVFW&^( 2vFR&fVvRW2FW&^( 277FV֖0&66BW2Rv&R&vƗVB@&W76VB'WB^( &R7F7V6vBW@RW&RBvB7&VFVBRW7FǒrPvFVBRF&RRVVBFFFF@FfRVW&wBW7Bw&rBvW&BऒvBVRF&VBF2&BfVVƖR( 6( BFr7FR( vVfBRB&Vא6( Fr67FR( FRvW( "vVFFG62( 6( B7Fv( @7F( "vV62( Ē6B6R( fRvVVVǒfVBFBvWfW'FF`גƖfRGFW"FR6GVFGFW"FP6&7V7F6RvVVR6RvW7@6&V6W6RFVBFvBv2vBvB2&6g&626&W"6WF6&Ɩ&6VBF'B&B6FB6V6&V6W6Rf"vFWfW"&V6FBvfW2P7G&VwFFN( 2FRVW&wFBVW2RvrऒW7BvBVRF&VBF2&BfVVVvW&VBt$E$$S'&67&FPfW7CfFvRGWVFfW7@6'CFƖCWF6fGvV#f'6VЦFRvR6p&VB6CT7'W7vVFW#FrbfF&PCr7F fGvV#&V6W&g7VC7VB7Wǐ6'CVv&70fGvV#FF27F6֗F