Enid Newcomers Guide 2017 - Page 9

Air Enid is served by Enid Woodring Regional Airport, located just 7 miles east of downtown. 1026 S. 66th St. Enid, OK 73701 580.234.5476, enidairport.com Rail  Service is provided by two major rail carriers, Burlington Northern/Santa Fe and Union Pacific. Car Rental Enterprise Rent-A-Car 626 S Hoover St 580.233.8404 ENID. OK Water  Connection to the Arkansas River is via the Cimarron Turnpike. Enid Transit enid.org 580 ˍ ‘[Y[]\H\YYK[X[\ۜK\]X\XX[ܝ][ۈ\XKXZ]H\XB\[\[[Y[HY\œ[\ HYH][ۋB\][\B[]ٙXH\‚B[KM\BB[ۙ^H HY^pBQ\] YHY[[\HBBB[H H H[ۙ^H HY^KBQ[Y[]\\][\BBB[H H H[ۙ^H H]\^BBY[^\‚B\\B ܈Y\Y[Y[Y[BB K ܈[YH^H\XBBB[ܝ][ۂY^B[Y\\YHTY^\  L [ H [\[HY^\K[\]H H\ Z[\X\[[\]H \ Z[\]ق[Y [\]HKLH^[ܝ’[\Z\\K[H[Z[\K[\‚BBBBBB\[HXZ܈]Y\‚‚