Enid Newcomers Guide 2017 - Page 45

LOAVES & FISHES, NWOK 701 E. Maine Enid, OK 73701 Phone: 580.540.9830 loavesandfishesnwok.org MARCH OF DIMES Stephanie Soucek 610 S. Cleveland #110H Enid, OK 73703 Work: 580.278.2921 Email: ssoucek@ marchofdimes.org Meets: 2nd Wed @ Convention Hall Bd Rm Marchofdimes.com MASONIC LODGE OF ENID #80 Greg Morrissette 815 N. Independence Enid, OK 73701 Phone: 580.478.8643 FB: Enid Lodge #80 AF&AM Meets: 1st & 3rd Thursday @ 7:30pm, Masonic Lodge MEN’S EXTENSION GARDEN CLUB Bob Bickerstaff, Treasurer Phone: 580.237.0158 Meets: Wednesday @ 9 am, Chick-fil-A MODEL T P8$”PPS8'8'T‘Y[Y\ۂLMˈ[ˈ\[[Y  ”ۙN N ˍM“SHHM [H[ K\YB[Y  BN N ˍBYY]Έ  Y\^B K[HBSKQSшB\\MN “[H[[ K\YB[Y  BN N ˍBYY]Έ \Y\^B Ό K[HBTPSӖSST”QTԓT[H\ŒL H[\[[B[Y  B[[NK N [[ۈ8$]  B[[^K BUSӐSTPUSӂшUTQQTSSTQQT TJB\[[\\Y[Lˈ[ۈ[Y  ”ۙN N ˌ͍ YY]Έ [ۙ^KLN[H[ܜ[[]\YY\[[ݙ\Y[\\܂Y\H[YBSTTUUSPY[ۙYH\ŒL ˈ[]\]BQ[Y B[Y  B[XZ[Y[ۙYK\˙YBYY][[Y\\HX\B[XZ[ԕTRPSUSQST˂JBL H[\[[Y  “ٙXN N ˍ LKXXXKܙ“RPBSUUB[XH\Œ HK\YH][YB[Y  BۙN N ˎĽ“HVSSӂQSPRT‘TQSSB\H]ZH^[[ۈٙXBMKܙ[Y  BۙN N ˌLTUSQHQL ˈܘ[[Y  BۙN N M̍B\][Y]Y ܙ”STSUTUBSSSH QSTPUSӂ\YH[[B B[Y  ۙN N M ͂K[XZ[[˜X[[PXZ[ BSQ ‚RQVHUTUSBL H\][XZ[Y  ”ۙN N ̍B[8$N H8$ B]\^N 8$ BY݋ H8$X\ BH\[Y[ZZPZY^[]\][Kܙ‚SВSHQPS”ՔST\HZ\^X]]H\X܂ ˈ[\[[Y  ”ۙN N ˍNLMB[]\HوYX[YX[‚X[BBSӔP SԕSQ THP\\\Y[ۙN N ˌMM[XZ[\[Y ܙ“X\[[\Xܙ]\BYY]Έ  [ۙ^B K^[ZY\”\]\[ [XYH[Bܝ[Y[ۜ‚ ‚