Enid Newcomers Guide 2017 - Page 19

Vance Air Force Base Open House and Air Show Historic Districts Vance Air Force Base, located on the south side of Enid, trains one third of the US Air Force pilots annually. To accomplish its mission, Vance uses three different trainers, the T-6 Texan II, the needle-nosed T-38C Talon or the T-1A Jayhawk. While the FAA has approved a 500 ft. ceiling for flights in sparsely congested areas, aircraft from Vance AFB maintain a minimum altitude of 1,000 ft. while flying over the City of Enid. With over 56,000 sorties flown inΒ FY2010, Vance AFB is one of the busiest airports in the US. Β  There are more than 2,600 military and civilian personnel working at Vance. PAE is the contractor handling aircraft maintenance at the base, along with a variety of other jobs, including civil engineering and base support functions. The base also has other contractors, such as PRI/DelJen (Project Resources, Inc. & DelJen Inc.), Lear-Siegler Services, Inc., and Boeing Aerospace Operations, Inc. Two residential neighborhoods within the City of Enid are designated as historic preservation districts: Kenwood Historic District and Waverley Historic District. Both districts are replete with the popular housing styles of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The styles represent design trends that span the initial period of settlement, to Enid’s early prominence as an agricultural and commercial center at the turn of the century, to the heady days of the oil boom in the 1910s & 1930 Μ°…Ή)Ρ‘”Ι•…Ё•ΑΙ•ΝΝ₯½Έ½˜Ρ‘”€ΔδΜΑΜΈ)έ…±­₯Ήœ΅Ρ½Υȁ‰Ι½‘ΥΙ”½˜‰½Ρ ‘₯ΝΡΙ₯ΡΜ)₯́…Ω…₯±…‰±”Ρ‘ɽ՝ Ρ‘” ₯Ρ䁽˜Ή₯)A±…ΉΉ₯Ήœ=™™₯”Έ ½Ρ ‘₯ΝΡΙ₯Ρ́‘…Ω”)…Ρ₯Ω”Ή•₯‘‰½Ι‘½½…ΝΝ½₯…Ρ₯½ΉΜ…Ή)Ή•₯‘‰½Ι‘½½έ…э ΑΙ½Ι…΅ΜΈ½Θ)΅½Ι”₯Ή™½Ι΅…Ρ₯½Έ…‰½ΥЁё•Ν”‘₯ΝΡΙ₯ΡΜ°)½ΉΡ…Πθ()9%Έ=,()Y…Ή”₯ȁ½Ι” …Ν”()=Ι₯₯Ή…°€$$()Έ((Δά((0