Enhance Magazine - Page 29

did you know Vacationing? Think Twice Before Leaving Home Without This When HAC members Joe and Jo-Ann set out for a long, relaxing vacation in Mexico, they looked forward to days spent in the sun and nights spent under the stars. What they weren’t expecting was a trip to the hospital shortly after their arrival. Although they didn’t expect such an event, they had still come prepared with the #1 thing to pack on a trip abroad: Travel Insurance. as told to Katie Cardner “We went to Playa Del Carmen, Mexico for two weeks on January 28th. The next evening, we went out to dinner. I invited Joe’s son to come down from California to spend one of the weeks with us. We hadn’t even ordered dinner yet, so I stopped by the bathroom. Everything in the Caribbean is tile or marble. There was a little lip before you walked into the bathroom. I didn’t see it and I tripped over it. I broke my left wrist and my right leg at the tibia plateau. I ended up getting a wheel chair. I got some stuff from our room and then we went to a private clinic. Before they even let you in, you have to give them credit card that has at least $4,00