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workout 7 (A) (B) REVERSE FLIES Option 3 (A) Hold a band straight out in front of your chest with an overhand grip. Your arms should be at roughly shoulder width. (B) Contract your rear delts and upper back, and pull the band apart until your hands are completely out to the side — your body should form a big “T.” Keep your arms up at shoulder height throughout. They shouldn’t drop. Slowly bring your arms back in towards your chest. Pyramid Sets involve increasing the amount of reps each round until you reach 15 and then decreasing the amount of reps until you get to 5. FIRST ROUND • 5 of every exercise [# seconds rest] 8 (A) RUSSIAN TWISTS (B) (C) AB CRUNCHES 26 HACHEALTHCLUB.COM THIRD ROUND • 15 of every exercise [# seconds rest] FOURTH ROUND • 10 of every exercise [# seconds rest] (A) Sit on your butt and loop a band around your feet. Lean back slightly and keep your core tight. (B) Squeeze your obliques, contract your biceps, and rotate to the right side. Touch the band to the ground at the bottom. (C) Powerfully pull the band up and over and touch the ground on the left side. Continue to alternate. 9 (A) Secure the band(s) to the door with the door anchor at the bottom of the door. You may also wrap the band around the bottom of the bed post. Grip the handle in each hand and lay on the floor facing away from the door or bed with your knees bent, and feet flat on the floor. Lay far enough away from the door so that the bands are starting to stretch. (B) Keep your arms straight, tight to your body, and your palms facing down. Raise your body and crunch up, moving the handles 3 to 4 inches towards your heels. SECOND ROUND • 10 of every exercise [# seconds rest] FIFTH ROUND • 5 of every exercise [# seconds rest] Full List of Exercises at a Glance: Good Mornings Glute Kickbacks Push-Ups Bent-Over Tricep Kickbacks Seated Horizontal Rows Bicep Curls Reverse Flies Russian Twists Ab Crunches As you are packing the swimwear, suntan lotion, and flip-flops, do not forget your friend, good ol’ Mister or Misses Resistance Band. They would surely appreciate the change of scenery, and they can assist you in maintaining your fitness goals. (A) (B) To protect your lower back, keep your spine neutral and pull your belly button to the floor. Be happy, be healthy, be safe, and have fun this Spring and Summer!