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(A) on the by HAC Personal Trainer Charmaine Davis It’s the most wonderful time of the year! The sun is out longer, the weather is warmer, and you’re probably gearing up for vacation. Instead of taking a hiatus from your workout, pack a resistance band for a little HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training). Now, I know what you’re thinking. “I am on vacation, meaning taking a break from my normal routine, why on Earth would I want to workout?” I guarantee it won’t make your luggage any heavier, you can have a moderate to vigorous workout less than 30 minutes, and it’ll be a welcomed break from your usual routine. Resistance bands are a great way to strength train while mixing things up a bit. Plus, if you don’t have access to a gym, you can implement this in your hotel room or on the beach. 24 HACHEALTHCLUB.COM Option 1 1 (B) GOOD MORNINGS (A) Stand inside the band, spreading your feet a small amount. Bend at the hips to loop the end of the band behind your neck. This will be your starting position. (B) Keeping your legs straight, extend through the hips to come to a near vertical position. Ensure that you do not round your back as you go down back to the starting position. Tabata is a great high intensity workout. You push yourself hard for 20 seconds, and then you are rewarded with 10 seconds of recovery. Complete 4 rounds of each Tabata routine. FIRST TABATA • 20 seconds Good Mornings [60 seconds rest] • 20 seconds Bent-Over Tricep Kickbacks [60 seconds rest] • 20 seconds Bicep Curls [60 seconds rest] • 20 seconds Reverse Flies [60 seconds rest] • 20 seconds Ab Crunches [60 seconds rest] (A) (B) 2 SECOND TABATA • 20 seconds Glute Kickbacks [60 seconds rest] • 20 seconds Push-Ups [60 seconds rest] • 20 seconds Seated Horizontal Rows [60 seconds rest] • 20 seconds Russian Twists [60 seconds rest] GLUTE KICKBACKS Charmaine Davis, HAC Personal Trainer Bonus! (A) Get on your hands and knees and hold both handles under your chest. Loop the band around the arch of your right foot. (B) Keep your core tight and back flat, contract your butt, and powerfully kick your right leg out as far as possible. Hold it for 1 second and slowly return back to starting position. Complete a full set and switch legs. You’ve got options! There are three resistance band workout variations, so pick your poison and remember: No Push, No Progress!