Enhance Magazine - Page 22

fit tips Ski Fit By Katie Cardner Spring is finally here – the birds are chirping, the flowers are blooming, the warm sun is shining. With the winter snow finally melting, it is hard to bring ourselves to prepare for next winter’s activities. But for those who are avid skiers, now is the time to start preparing! To get the best out of the next ski season, you should start your training right away! In fact, you should be training year-round. HAC Personal Trainer Chris Dollard is here to help with his year-round SkiFit class. Don’t believe us? Let’s see what his class participants have to say. The class makes skiing more fun. It helps us to develop the strength, agility, and endurance to ski a lot longer when we are out on the slopes. The combination of strength and flexibility exercises really helps. PATTIE ART Two things have amazed and impressed me from taking the class so far. One is that, as an accomplished advanced skier with decades of skiing and nearing retirement, I felt I was at a plateau and couldn't improve. In part because of the class, I was clearly able to arrive at a point this season where I not only felt I could absolut