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cover story Before you started working with a trainer, how would you describe your overall health? I would say that my fitness schedule and workout schedule were sporadic. My workouts were repetitive, so I was never really challenging myself. I tried to get to the gym and I was always doing the same thing over and over again. That obviously was not working for me. Did you try to lose weight before? I’ve tried before, but I’ve never kept it off. I would lose weight and then fall into a rut, so the weight would come right back. Some of it was related to travel. I was traveling so much and would always dine out with my colleagues. Now, I am much more mindful and conscientious of what I am ordering while I am out to eat. I need to set aside the time for my health. Why do you think you are more successful now? I think it is the regular discipline with my trainer, Dee. The other part of it has been my running. I set out last year with the goal of running five 5ks. I ended up running 15 5ks and two half marathons, including the Rehoboth Beach Seashore Half Marathon and the Monster Mash Half Marathon in Dover. I also participated in the 2015 Seashore Striders Summer Racing Series. How did you get into running? It was a little bit of Dee and a little bit of me - I wanted to run more and she encouraged me to do it. I always enjoyed running, but wasn’t setting aside enough time to train for races. As my fitness level increased, so did my endurance and distance. I also cross-trained by taking 2 - 3 cycling classes at HAC each week. That’s pretty impressive, considering how busy you are. I make the time for it. I carve out the time after work, on the morning during the weekends, and then I train with Dee once a week. I need to set aside the time for my health. Is there a technique you have to help you stay on track with your exercise schedule? I write it down as an appointment in my schedule at work. (This has been My fitness schedule and workout schedule were sporadic. . . . I was never really challenging myself. known to help people commit to their exercise and to make sure they don’t book anything that interferes with it.) What made you decide to work with a trainer? I wanted to learn new exercises and learn more strength training. I knew I needed someone to teach me what I didn’t know. Are there any other aspects of your life that have improved since you started becoming healthier and fit? Absolutely. I would say it helps manage the stresses that come with my job. Also, I have learned how to manage my time very well - I will always find ways to fit a workout into my schedule, even when I travel. My manager is extremely supportive of my goals, and knows that there are two times a week that I need to leave work right at 5 o’clock so I can make it to a class at HAC. Doing Personal Training with Dee helped Eric get out of his fitness rut. If you think you could benefit from Personal Training at HAC, visit hachealthclub.com for more information! enhance magazine | MAY 2016 21