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did you know What Motivates You? By Diana Freccia My alarm goes off, and I just want to hit snooze and stay in bed. But I can’t. I’ve got to get up. I push through all the required morning routine rushing around to get my daughter and myself out the door. Sometimes life itself is a workout, or a marathon, or a sprint to complete a task by a deadline. I arrive at HAC at 8:45 in the morning with my Juliet in tow, ready to drop her off at preschool, and all my bags! I’ve got my lunch bag, her dance bag, her backpack, other assorted “just in case” gear, and my yoga mat. It all weighs me down, along with the other pressing issue on my mind as I head into my group fitness class: motivation — the driving force behind any action in life, and what I happen to be lacking this very morning. Motivation isn’t always a given. That energy that drives us can ebb and flow with our mood, can dip when things just aren’t going our way, and can get completely off track from one of life’s many obstacles. Motivation is tied to happiness, success, and all the wonderful things we all aspire to achieve. Entire industries have been built around motivating people. The economy as we know it hinges on our motivation to purchase things to fill needs. If we can get motivated, we can change the world. But just how do we do that? As a mother, a tutor, and a writer, I strive to motivate others with my words and my actions. I am always impressed by the hard work I see here at HAC. Everyone is busy working out and working on themselves. (Imagine what we could power with all the energy that fills this building!) Impressed by the driving force that pushes everyone here, I sought the opinions of HAC members, family, and friends on a quest to find out, “What motivates you?” I asked Marilyn - group fitness class attendee extraordinaire. She said her motivation comes from the different holidays on the calendar. She can always be seen donning a festive outfit for Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, or Fourth of July complete with earrings, headband, and capris. A young mother told me she wanted to fit into her pre-pregnancy clothes again after gaining 50 pounds. A lot of parents also said they were motivated by their children. They wanted to show them their strength and set a positive example for them so they will, in turn, make healthy choices in their own lives. Men downstairs in the weight room that I stopped in between reps say they want to feel better, feel a little younger, and outsmart the aging process. Many HAC members said that they were motivated by the need to be prepared for the next challenge – in life, a triathlon, a 5k, or the like. Trainer Denise Boyle says she is motivat ed by her clients’ success. She motivates them and loves to see them reach their goals. They feed off each other’s energy. With the right encouragement and support, we can take on the world and accomplish greatness. All it takes is getting started, building momentum, and finding that constant source of motivation that drives us each individually. Some people may be intrinsically motivated, and others may require a little extra help. While we all come to HAC to work out our muscles, our brain is often the most important muscle we need to exercise when it comes to motivation. It is in the driver’s seat delivering the messages we tell ourselves, the ones we repeat over and over, when we’re up and when we’re down. So if you’re ever lacking motivation, feeling down for whatever reason, feeling like you need to do some self-maintenance, remember to be kind to yourself and repeat positive messages. Maintenance is not sexy, but it is necessary. Where you are now is not where you will always be. Realize that like the seasons, things will change, and so can your mindset. When we do things because we feel like we have to, it is a chore, but when we do things because we want to, we are more likely to succeed. Many of the instructors in classes I have taken have told me it took them months to be able to pull off certain moves. So we can’t just give up and walk away, we need to give our motivation a longer period of time to take us to greatness. It takes a little work to reframe things in our minds, but we belong to HAC - we work things out! Despite my initial lack of motivation going into class this morning, I still conquered today. I finish my article as it is time to pick Juliet up from school, and she rushes toward me with a backpack the size of herself. She says, “Mommy, you smell like a morning flower!” You don’t have to ask what motivates me! So, what motivates you? HAC Tri Club is a great way to work out, work toward your goals, and get motivation from your teammates. For more info, visit the HAC Tri Club page at hachealthclub.com enhance magazine | MAY 2016 17