Enhance Magazine - Page 14

recipes What to Do With All Those Extra Edibles (veg-edibles!) Zucchini, squash, potatoes, oh my! Tomato vines a mile high! For the worriers who’ve grown so much, here are some tips by ck Lu Ra to use in a clutch. a c in he lM aya POTATOES • G uru G n n, wit h help from Garde • • • Cukes • 14 HACHEALTHCLUB.COM e Th • CUCUMBERS • sliced and frozen for cucumber-infused spa water or for your Hendricks dry gin cocktail pickled as an accent to a juicy burger or finger food for a fall party diced and accompanied by some other summer faves, like tomatoes, cilantro, and lime, for a fresh cucumber salsa cubed, drizzled with olive oil, fresh herbs, and garlic, and wrapped in aluminum foil for an on-the-grill or in-theoven rendition of baked potatoes shredded and frozen for crispy morning hashbrowns cut into thin strips and frozen for French fries, deep fried or baked cubed and frozen for an easy throw-in to a hearty winter stew Sq u as hF am ’