Engineered Solutions Direct Catalogue 2018 catalgoue2k17smaller - Page 84

Storage Cupboards A range of useful storage cupboards to suit general storage needs These cupboards offer fl exible & secure storage at an economic price ›› All shelves are adjustable with additional shelves available ›› Cupboards are fi tted with a camlock & have a reinforced door ›› ›› FROM ONLY £85.80 2 Adjustable Shelves 984H x 477W x 505D mm Model: CH661EGU..29S12 Price: £114.95 manufactured 1 Adjustable Shelf 684H x 450W x 300D mm Model: CA521EGU..00S11 Price: £85.80 2 Adjustable Shelves 984H x 915W x 505D mm Model: CH961EGU..29S12 Price: £203.50 Tool Cupboards An extensive range of high quality tool cabinets for use in workshops, factories & warehouses ›› All steel construction - add extra drawers & shelves to suit your application ›› 3 point locking ›› FROM ONLY £222.20 4 Drawers & 1 Shelf 984H x 915W x 505D mm Model: CH961TGU..29S37 Price: £357.50 1 Drawer, 2 Shelves 984H x 477W x 505D mm Model: CH661TGU..29S34 Price: £222.20 not supplied with containers manufactured High quality lock operating 3 point locking £479.60 4 Shelves 1820H x 477W x 505D mm Model: C1661TGU..29S31 Price: £301.40 2 Shelves, 2 Drawers 1820H x 477W x 505D mm Model: C1661TGU..29S35 Price: £320.10 Accessories Description Width mm Model Price Sloping Top Desk Unit 477 CDE56TGU £71.50 Mobile Chassis - for low cabinets Only 477 CCH56TGU £62.70 Extra Drawer* 477 CDW56THY £20.90 Extra Galvanised Shelf* 477 CSH56TGT £13.20 *These only suit the single door Storage Cupboards & not the double door Storage Cupboard or the Tool Cupboards 8 Shelves 1820H x 915W x 505D mm Model: C1961TGU..29S32 Price: £479.60 2 Shelves, 14 Drawers 1820H x 915W x 505D mm Model: C1961TGU..29S44 Price: £663.30 COLOUR CHOICES - DOOR COLOURS Light Grey (RAL 7035) Code GU Blue (RAL 5002) Code CF Red (RAL 3020) Code RD Green (RAL 6001) Code PD Carmine Red (RAL 3002) Code RM Yellow (RAL 1003) Code YD Dark Grey (BS 00 A 11) Code HY All body colours are light grey (RAL 7035). Insert the code of the door colour required to the product code when ordering. 83 g FROM ONLY