Engineered Solutions Direct Catalogue 2018 catalgoue2k17smaller - Page 528

Heavy Duty Craning Cage ›› ›› ›› ›› ›› 3 YR Fully welded 50 x 50mm mesh sides & sheet steel base (SK501Z has a sheet steel side which can also be used as a ramp) CE marked & plated Fork pocket centres: 670mm Can accommodate euro pallets Complete with craning eyes GUARANTEE 500kg evenly distributed manufactured SK501Z SK501Z SK502Z Full security unit with hasp & staple (lock not included) Overall Size L x W x H mm Description Weight kg Model Price Craning Cage with Loading Ramp 1335 x 1335 x 1200 120 SK501Z £767.15 Craning Cage with Opening Front & 1/2 fold Security Roof 1335 x 1335 x 1200 110 SK502Z £921.65 Bottom Emptying Skip ›› ›› ›› ›› ›› en ›› CE marked & plated Stackable 4 high Fork pocket centres: 670mm This unit is stackable to give compact storage Pushing down on the bar positioned at the back releases the mechanism & opens the bottom. This bar is connected to a chain which can be pulled by the driver to operate the mechanism The base closes when the skip is lowered to the floor 3 YR SK209Z Stacked GUARANTEE manufactured Overall Size L x W x H mm Volume Litres Weight kg Model Price 1330 x 1110 x 1110 890 165 SK209Z £1201.10 SK999Y £112.50 Optional Castors - 4 x 150mm swivel nylon SK209Z 527