Engineered Solutions Direct Catalogue 2018 catalgoue2k17smaller - Page 492

Eye Wash Station ›› ›› ›› ›› ›› ›› A robust health & safety compliant emergency eye wash station - suitable for all types of eye injuries Printed with retroflective instructions – useful if a power cut happens, the station can still be located Made from wipe clean hardwearing ABS plastic - dust proof cover keeps contents clean & ready for use Central mirror for easy application Station size: 36 x 51 x 10cm Wall mountable F90431 F17881 F17899 Description Contents Model Price Eye Wash Station 2 x 500ml Eye Wash, 2 x No. 16 Eye Pad Dressings, 5 x 20ml Eye Wash Phials, 1 x Mirror & 1 x Station F17899 £21.50 Eye Wash Bottle 1 x 500ml Eye Wash F17884 £3.50 Eye Wash Phials Pack of 25 - 20ml Eye Wash Phials F17881 £7.00 Eye Wash Sign - F90431 £4.50 Hand Sanitizer ›› ›› Contain an instant antiseptic gel, killing 99.9% of germs - with no need for water Enriched with Vitamin E & Aloe which helps keep hands moisturised as well as fresh & clean Pack of 5 Volume Model Price 240ml F78029 £13.00 ›› ›› ›› Res-Cue Mask Produced from advanced third generation synthetic nitrile polymer, giving an outstanding soft pliable feel & incredible sense of touch Small & medium gloves available Box of 100 ›› ›› ›› ›› Designed to provide protection for the rescuer when manually resuscitating patients Transparent dome allows the rescuer to visually check patient lip colour & check for vomitus Can be used on a patient of any age Includes O2 inlet valve Size Model Price Model Price Large F12636-L £5.50 F79173 £4.00 Lower Value Orders May Incur a Handling Charge 491 en ›› Sensitive Gloves