Engineered Solutions Direct Catalogue 2018 catalgoue2k17smaller - Page 416

Expanding Fitting Castors Robust institutional castors Precision ball bearings & plastic thread guards to reduce noise & rolling resistance ›› 10mm single bolt hole fixing but can be used with any of the expanders listed ›› ›› 3 day delivery WR4721.5-24 Expanding Tubular Adaptors To suit Tubing Model Price Round 19mm to 21.5mm WR0719-21.5 £2.95 21.5mm to 24mm WR0721.5-24 £2.95 24mm to 27mm WR0724-27 £2.95 27mm to 30mm WR0727-30 £2.95 WR0731-35 £3.80 31mm to 35mm PS75PJPBHBR Square 21.5mm to 24mm WR4721.5-24 £2.95 24mm to 27mm WR4724-27 £2.95 27mm to 30mm WR4727-30 £2.95 32m