Engineered Solutions Direct Catalogue 2018 catalgoue2k17smaller - Page 38

Stormor Accessories Back Stop Our range of accessories are interchangeable between Mono, Solo & Duo systems, this makes the Stormor Shelving range ideal for the creation of custom designed storage facilities. Accessories can be easily retro-fitted allowing you to add to your shelving as your storage needs change. N.B. some accessories won’t fit to adjacent solo bays Zinc plated rod which fits across the rear of the bays to prevent large items falling off the back. manufactured Width mm Model Price 1000 SZABS004R1000GU £4.03 Garment Hanging When fitted, this prevents items falling off the front of the shelves. When used with dividers this forms compartments or bins **2 location plugs required for 25mm & 50mm deep shelves & 4 r equired for 75mm & 100mm deep shelves** A system of rails & brackets which fit within the bay widths to allow for the hanging of garments. Extra shelves may be required - please call for further info See page 39 for more Garment Hanging Solutions Overall Size H x D mm Model Price 1000 x 25 SZABF025F1000FGU £8.63 Description Size mm Model Price 1000 x 50 SZABF050F1000FGU £9.20 Rail 25 dia. x 1000L SZAGR25S1000GS £4.60 1000 x 75 SZABF075F1000FGU £10.93 Support Channel 300D SZAHSC1225300 £8.05 1000 x 100 SZABF100F1000FGU £11.50 Support Channel 450D SZAHSC1225450 £10.35 Location Plug - per bin front SZAPPLUG** £0.58 Support Channel 600D SZAHSC1225600 £10.93 Pull-out Filing Cradle Plastic Drawer Units Can accommodate A4 & foolscap top loaded suspension files. Cradle slides out on telescopic arms (fits 1000mm bays only) Ideal for storage of small items. The drawers tilt on integrated back stops to allow for easy viewing & access Model Price Model Price DU1GU £5.18 370 SZAPOFC1000370GU £135.70 DU2GU £7.48 450 SZAPOFC1000450GU £158.70 DU3GU £6.90 Pull-out Drawers Pull-out Shelf Fitted onto telescopic arms the pull-out drawer is available in 3 heights - 200mm high available upon request Slides out from the bay on telescopic slides. Provides a flat & stable work surface within a storage bay (fits 1000mm bays only) (fits 1000mm bays only) Size D x H mm Model Price 370 x 100 SZAPOD100P370GU £161.00 370 x 150 SZAPOD150P370GU £162.15 370 SZAPORS1000370GU £117.30 450 x 150 SZAPOD150P450GU £173.65 450 SZAPORS1000450GU £131.10 Shelf Depth mm Model Price 37 g Shelf Depth mm Bin Front