Engineered Solutions Direct Catalogue 2018 catalgoue2k17smaller - Page 283

Robust Industrial Pallet Truck Scale ›› ›› i Information ›› MAX CAPACITY OF 2000KG BY 1KG INCREMENTS Large 25mm LCD display for easy reading, keyboard with zero & tare functions Powered by 4 x AA easily available batteries Operating time of approximately 80 hours in continuous use or 3 months in normal use thanks to its auto switch-off function 2000kg evenly distributed Large 25mm LCD Display with 4 easily available AA batteries GTPWN Fork Length mm Width over Forks mm Weight kg 1150 550 120 Model Price GTPWN £995.00 Optional Upgrade for accuracy - 2000kg x 0.5kg GTPWNIP05 £65.00 *Optional ISO:9000 Calibration Certificate* ISO-CERT £35.00 Heavy Duty Pallet Truck Scale ›› ›› ›› 2000kg ›› The ultimate heavy duty pallet truck scale is extremely accurate, featuring a triple weigh range, which changes automatically: 0 - 500kg by 0.2kg increments 500 - 1000kg by 0.5kg increments 1000 - 2000kg by 1kg increments Large 25mm LCD display, IP68 rated indicator housing in stainless steel Supplied with battery charger which gives an operating time of approx. 60 hours in continuous use, thanks to its auto switch-off function Rubber steering wheels & polyurethane double loading front rollers evenly distributed Fork Length mm Width over Forks mm Weight kg Model Price 1150 550 120 GTPWLK £1195.00 680 125 GTPWLKW £1450.00 Optional Thermal Printer GTRP £185.00 Optional spare battery for pack - 24/7 use GTPWBKB £85.00 *Optional ISO:9000 Calibration Certificate* ISO-CERT £35.00 1240 GTPWLK STAINLESS STEEL & ATEX MODELS ARE AVAILABLE - CALL FOR DETAILS 282 *Calibration Certificates (Model: ISO-CERT) must be ordered at the time of purchasing the Pallet Truck Scales*