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Garment Dispensers & Collectors ›› ›› ›› The management issue of workplace clothing, often via third party laundries, is an essential part of hygiene procedure in many sectors These lockers are equally suitable for the controlled issue of safety equipment, consumables or for staff working days & nights Integral BioCote protection on all our garment issue lockers provides a valuable additional benefit to these industries Dispensers ›› Choice of door colours & sloping tops available Collectors ›› ›› ›› Half-height upper ‘issue’ door with 5 compartments ›› Lower ‘collector’ door with ‘post slot’ ›› Hooks for laundry collection sack (sack not included) ›› Full-height door Galvanised anti-theft shelf, angled inside ‘post slot’ Hooks for laundry collection sack (sack not included) 10-Tier Dispenser 15-Tier Dispenser Overall Size H x W x D mm Description Garment Collector Model Price 5-Tier Garment Dispenser D151805A01GU.. £206.80 10-Tier Garment Dispenser D151810A01GU.. £260.70 1778 x 381 x 457 D151815A01GU.. £328.90 Garment Collector D151801A01GU.. £140.80 5-Tier Collector & Dispenser DDC1805A01GU.. £229.90 15-Tier Garment Dispenser 5-Tier Collector & Dispenser 5-Tier Dispenser Cloakroom Equipment ›› ›› ›› Utile hardwood slats & backboard, with light grey welded frame, satin anodised aluminium hooks fixed at 150mm centres & adjustable feet Single sided & double sided units - 1800mm high Seat height: 422mm Freestanding Bench manufactured Single Sided Bench Bench Width mm 20 Double Sided Bench Freestanding Bench (300Dmm) Single Sided Bench (300Dmm) Double Sided Bench (600Dmm) Model Price Model Price Model Price 900 FBSU2324GUSL £114.95 FSSU232SL18GU £217.80 FDSU232SL18GU £435.60 1200 FBSU2424GUSL £144.65 FSSU242SL18GU £260.15 FDSU242SL18GU £588.50 1500 FBSU2524GUSL £159.50 FSSU252SL18GU £320.65 FDSU252SL18GU £631.40 1800 FBSU2624GUSL £194.15 FSSU262SL18GU £385.00 FDSU262SL18GU £770.00 2000 FBSU4524GUSL £195.80 FSSU452SL18GU £420.75 FDSU452SL18GU £840.95