Engineered Solutions Direct Catalogue 2018 catalgoue2k17smaller - Page 202

Smoking & Wheeled Bin Shelters No fixing required - simply secure these units by using six 600 x 600mm paving slabs (not supplied) ›› Fabricated from robust heavy duty box section ›› Complemented by tri wall fluted plastic side panels & a galvanised sheet steel roof ›› N.B. A Fork Lift will be needed to unload these units i Information COMPLY TO SMOKING REGULATIONS 2007 BSS204 £853.20 BSS204 manufactured 3 YR GUARANTEE BWS204 ty £853.20 i Information KEEP YOUR WHEELED BIN AREA NEAT & TIDY Overall Size L x W x H mm Model Price Smoking Shelter 1980 x 1250 x 2040 BSS204 £853.20 Wheeled Bin Shelter 1980 x 1250 x 2040 BWS204 £853.20 BWS204 These units are supplied complete with 2 braces which fit securely over the bottom leg brace. This allows you to place six 600 x 600 paving slabs directly on top to secure the unit in place. This also gives a neatly finished & firm standing area. 201