Engineered Solutions Direct Catalogue 2018 catalgoue2k17smaller - Page 192

Speed Ramps i Information Quick & easy to install ›› Heavy duty 99% recycled PVC segments which have high UV & chemical resistance. All parts are re-useable & recyclable ›› White reflectors offer excellent visibility ›› Will withstand heavy goods vehicles ›› Will not deform or crack in extreme hot or cold weather conditions ›› Ideal for narrow or wide roads ›› Central channel available for wiring ›› Supplied complete with fixings ›› ENFORCE ONE WAY TRAFFIC FLOW manufactured ›› ›› Surface Mounted Flow Plates Easy to fix & relocate No drainage required HGV Deflator ›› ›› Tough & heavy duty Easy & quick to install Description Model Price Standard Flow Plate (up to 1 tonne per axle) SB14S £194.61 HGV Flow Plate SB14 HGV £356.52 HGV Deflator SB14 HGVD £444.05 Standard Locking Bar - £16.20 HGV Locking Bar - £21.89 Spare Springs (Standard) - £19.14 Fixings (each) - £1.86 Description Model 3000mm Unit Price 4000mm Unit Price 5000mm Unit Price 6000mm Unit Price 7000mm Unit Price 50mm Speed Ramp - Complete Bundle (max speed 15mph) SB22(5) £168.42 £220.98 £273.54 £326.13 £378.71 75mm Speed Ramp - Complete Bundle (max speed 10mph) SB22(7.5) £219.78 £290.93 £362.69 £444.36 £517.80 Manual Traffic Security Barrier Boom length can be manufactured to your specification Pivot post & end rest - red ›› Boom supplied red with white stripes (yellow with black stripes available - call for details) ›› Finely balanced for light operation ›› End rest has padlock facility (not included) ›› ›› Model Price 3 Metre Boom SB43M £748.68 4 Metre Boom SB44M £785.21 5 Metre Boom SB45M £879.71 6 Metre Boom SB46M £918.03 7 Metre Boom SB47M £1007.33 Optional Extras: Stop / No Entry Sign manufactured £25.53 Automatic Barrier ›› ty Description Height Restriction Barriers Restricts access to vehicles from 2M high Posts manufactured from 100 x 100mm square box section - can also be wall mounted ›› Can be surface mounted or sunken ›› Available with nudge bar, hinged top bar or manufactured to your specific requirements - call for details ›› Designed to interface with a wide variety of control equipment such as card readers, security switches, code locks, ticket dispensers, coin & token acceptors, infra red & radio transmitters manufactured ›› manufactured Description Model Price Automatic Barriers SB100/33 P.O.A. 191