Engineered Solutions Direct Catalogue 2018 catalgoue2k17smaller - Page 162

Rainbow Pockets Industrial quality coloured document pockets Help protect & highlight your messages ›› Quick & easy to use - no need to remove or lift the pocket to replace the insert ›› Ideal for 5S & lean manufacturing ›› ›› 3 COLOUR OPTIONS day delivery Red Green Blue Yellow manufactured Black available as a pack of the same colour or a mixed pack of 2 - specify when ordering Magnetic To Suit Documents Self-adhesive Magnetic Quantity per Pack A4 Vertical 10 A4 Horizontal ›› ›› Model Price Model Price CMP5V £25.80 CAP5V £18.30 CTP5V £19.80 CMP5H £25.80 CAP5H £18.30 CTP5H £19.80 CMP4V £31.80 CAP4V £21.60 CTP4V £23.40 CMP4H £31.80 CAP4H £21.60 CTP4H £23.40 Stock Identity Slider NEW Clear 3 colour coding system to show stock availability Ideal visual aid when stock is not visible Plate dimension 90mm high (110mm overall) x 140mm wide ›› ›› ›› day delivery ›› Clear 2 colour coding system to show stock availability Ideal for use on racking & shelving Aggressive adhesive fixing Slider is 30H x 100W mm NEW 3 Fixing Pack Size Model Price Self-adhesive 10 SIWA/10 £48.30 Magnetic 10 SIWM/10 £48.30 Wire-clip 10 SIWW/10 £66.30 Fixing Self-adhesive day delivery Pack Size Model Price 50 SISA/50 £67.50 100 SISA/100 £133.20 Pipe Label Holder ›› ›› ›› ›› ›› 38mm height ticket holder for label inserts up to 35mm high Barcodes can be scanned without removing the insert 200mm wide ideal for most types of identification labels Fits securely to pipes or to tubular racking Either 22mm or 28mm diameter fitting options Fixing Pack Size Model 22mm Clip Holder 10 PLH4202/10 £59.40 22mm Clip Holder 50 PLH4202/50 £294.00 28mm Clip Holder 10 PLH4208/10 £59.40 28mm Clip Holder 50 PLH4208/50 £294.00 Price NEW Lower Value Orders May Incur a Handling Charge 3 day delivery 161 ty 3 Tie-on Price Stock Indicator Wheel ›› Self-adhesive Model A5 Vertical A5 Horizontal Tie-on