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Mobile Shelving MAXIMISING THE AVAILABLE SPACE Mobile shelving can be opened & closed when required, therefore requiring only one aisle for access. This means capacity within a given area can be substantially increased. Comparison of storage costs is most easily achieved by calculating a storage factor for each type of equipment. This is simply the result of dividing the capacity (in linear metres) by the area occupied (in square metres) including the area necessary to access the records. The higher the storage factor the more efficient the equipment. These examples are based on a like for like area. 48 four drawer filing cabinets would provide approximately 105 linear metres of filing. CALL US TODAY TO ARRANGE A SITE VISIT Alternatively Mobile shelving can store 105 linear metres but save 68% of the floor space. For example: ›› A four drawer filing cabinet holds 2.2 linear metres of records and occupies 0.75 sq m. UP TO 68% FLOORSPACE  CAN BE SAVED Mobile shelving is the most effective way to store records. This can be shown in the table below, where a working example shows the different options for storing 105 metres of filing. Comparison Table showing 105 metres of filing... Mobile Shelving Number of units required for 105 metres of filing 48 Cabinets 15 Bays TOTAL space occupied 36 sq.metres 10.5 sq.metres Storage factor 2.91 10 oj 4 Drawer Filing Cabinets 15