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74 WHAT’S ON Events Register your business on our FREE database www.engagemagazine.co.uk and GET RECOGNISED!!! Thursday 16 October 2008, 8.45am Advanced Marketing for Micro-Businesses If you’ve already established a basic marketing strategy this seminar shows you how to expand and develop further. Packed with real life examples of marketing tricks for small businesses, this popular seminar includes broadening awareness of the key strategies for business growth, helping to create better customer exchanges and tools for analysis of your organisation. The speaker, Jonathan Myers, has run a number of successful small businesses and now continues his marketing work at a senior level in a number of small and medium enterprises. Delivered in partnership with the Kings Cross Business Forum. Wednesday 5 November 2008 & Friday 5 December 2008, 10.15am Book-keeping made simple This one day course will deal with the basics of bookkeeping aimed to help entrepreneurs understanding what accounting information is important to effectively manage their businesses. Topics covered by the seminar include: Developing a cash book; Profit and loss; Balance sheets; Debtors, creditors, accruals and payments; Handling petty cash; Bank reconciliations; Ways to cost your time and Understanding the distinction between profit and cash seven stages of converting a prospect to a customer and The one key question that your customers are thinking, but not asking you. the opportunities available to you, and unravel the mystery of franchising! Cost: Free Location: Coin Street Neighbourhood Centre, 108 Stamford Street, London SE1 9NH For further information contact: Business Link London on 0845 6000 787 Location: GLE, New City Court, 20 St Thomas Street, London SE1 9RS For further information contact: businesslondon@gle.co.uk or visit www.enterprisecentral. co.uk/franchisecontact.htm Wednesday 24 September 2008 FREE Start It! Seminar for Women At least 4 times a year, HBV run their FREE start-up seminar for women only. They will explore what you need to do to become self - employed or start your own business. There will also be a focus on issues that affect women in business. Go along to learn, gather information, network, share experience and start your own journey towards success. Cost: Free (a deposit of £10 is required to reserve your place. This is refunded if you attend on time) Tuesday 7 October 2008, 9.30am Self-Employment One-Stop-Shop Take the hassle taken out of becoming self-employed. Everything you need to know in one place and at one time - plus advisers on hand for follow up appointments! This seminar by a HMRC adviser will explain: how to register for self employment, set up and maintain business records, how to pay taxes and NIC, plus how to fill in a self assessment form - and when! The HMRC trainer is a senior business adviser with many years experience in advising small businesses on their taxation responsibilities as sole traders. Attendees can have their individual queries answered and speak to Centa advisers about any other issues that may affect them. Cost: Free Location: Wellcome Collection Conference Centre, 183 Euston Road, London, NW1 2BE For further information contact: Lucan Richards, Centa, on 020 7278 5757, lrichards@centa.co.uk or www.centa.co.uk Location (5 Nov 2008): GLE oneLondon, 1B(c) First Floor, Yukon Road, Balham, London SW12 9PZ Location (5 Dec 2008): GLE oneLondon, Unit 4, Hermes House, Arodene Road, London SW2 2JG For further information visit: www.gle.co.uk/onelondon/startup/ bookkeepingFORM.htm Friday 24 October 2008, 9.30am Book-Keeping for Beginners This is a work shop for the self employed with little or no previous experience in book keeping. You will learn about VAT, self-assessment and how to maintain the cash book and accounting system. Ideal if you want to save money by completing your own self assessment forms - no accountant necessary! Monday 10 November 2008. 6.00pm Building a Money-Making Social Enterprise How to be a Social Entrepreneur, make money and change the world...Do you want to: Start a social business, Grow your business and make a contribution or Position you and your company as a leader in social enterprise? This is your chance to learn how you can set up an ethical business, change the world you live in, and make great profit all at once with a social enterprise. Location: HBV Enterprise Centre, 34-38 Dalston Lane, London, E8 3AZ For further information contact: mail@hbv.org.uk or 020 7254 9595 Thursday 2 October 2008, 9.30pm & Thursday 20 November 2008, 9.30pm Can you benefit from franchising? What is franchising? What are the benefits and how can you get involved? This one day workshop will explore Cost: Free Location: Centa House, 61 Birkenhead Street, London, WC1H 8BB For further information contact: Lucan Richards, Centa, on 020 7278 5757, lrichards@centa.co.uk or www.centa.co.uk Cost: Free Location: Centa House, 61 Birkenhead Street, London, WC1H 8BB Contact: Lucan Richards, Centa, on 020 7278 5757, lrichards@centa.co.uk or www.centa.co.uk Location: City Univ ͥ䰁9ѡѽMՅɔ1 X!͔ɕ͕مѥ х聕ٕѡݽɱȁܹѡݽɱͽѕɥ͔()լ%MMUMY8((