engage magazine issue 007/\'08 - Page 72

72 BUSINESS POTENTIAL GLE oneLondon to China seminar “The potential for business with China is huge, but companies have to do their homework.” Even though the Beijing Games are just behind us, for many it may feel like a distant memory of watching athletes on TV, listening to Radio 5 Live and reading background articles in the papers. Surely there are also no business opportunities through the Games anymore... Or are there? partnerships with Chinese businesses that secured contracts with the Beijing Games will put Londonbased companies in a much stronger position to bid for contracts relating to the 2012 Games in London. On July 31st GLE oneLondon together with TCA Consultancy organised a seminar that informed companies about current procurement opportunities in China and the benefits of a Trade Mission. Monica Montero, Project Manager at GLE oneLondon told the 40 businessmen and - women in the Trade (CCPIT) agreed with Ms Montero about the opportunities in China, but he didn’t conceal the challenges either. While Mr. Guo proudly listed figures that symbolise China’s rise as an economic world power, such as 2nd largest export nation in the world and an average GDP growth of 9.9% since 1978 with 10.6 % in the first quarter of 2008, he also explained some of the cultural differences between China and the UK, when it comes to doing business. This starts from the well known example of exchanging business cards - while it is not an offense to slip a business card straight into your pocket over here, with Chinese Businessmen, you are supposed to give and receive the card with both hands, read it and only after some time put it into your pocket. Another far more reaching problem is the lack of an institution like ‘Companies House’ in China. If you want to get hold of a company’s details, you might have to deal with several different public bodies. Mr. Guo reminded everyone that, because China is such a large and diverse country, specific market research, whether as part of a Trade Mission or by the individual business, is a must before starting to trade with China. During a very lively and construc ѥ͍ٔͥѡȁѕѥɽѥՕ́ݕɔɅ͕Ս́є͕ѱ́ѥ!ݕٕȰѡѽݡѡ́ѡ͔ͥ͵ݽݥѠЁɥݥѠ ɕ݅́ѡ]ѕٕȁѡɽ̰ѡɔ́݅䁅ɽչЁ ́ѕ䁄ɭЁݽѠɥԁȁݽɬQ́ ɕѽȁQ  ձх䰁յѡɕɕɥɥЁѡٕЁхѥѡɕ͕ѥ́Ѽͥ́Ս͙ձݥѠ ĸAͽAɕ͕eԁٔѼѡɔݥѡЁͽ䁕ɥѡɭЁЁݥձЁѼ̀ȸAѹeԁٔѼٔͽх̀ݽɬѽѡȁݥѠѹȀ̸չ]ѡȁԁɔͽɍȁ͕ԁٔѼٔͽͥɅՍɔMݡЁѡ ́ɔѡаͥ́չѥ́ ѥѼѡȁ́1ɔѡɔձѕѥٕ䁱ՍɅѥٔ()AɽɕЁ5ͥ()11́ɝͥQɅ5ͥѼ 9ٕȁѼЁѡɽɕЁѡɔɸɽЁɅѥ́ѡɽչɵ()ՑЁѡȁAɽɕЁ5ͥѼ Ѽͽݡɕ٥́ɥݥѠ ѡ́ݡݕɔѕɕѕѕѡȁͥ́ѼѡѕЁɽݥɭ́ѡݽɱQͥ́хɝѥ͕ͥ́ѡ͕́ѽȁ́ݕ́ѡȁ͕ͥ́ѕɕѕѡ ͔ɭЁɅɽɕЁɽ̸͕5ȸռeդ Iɕ͕хѥٔѡ չȁѡAɽѥ%ѕɹѥ()%ԁ݅ЁѼЁɔЁ11éQɅ5ͥѼ ͔хЁ55ѕɼЁլ()լ%MMUMY8((0