engage magazine issue 007/\'08 - Page 71

BUSINESS BOOKS 71 Book Reviews COMPETITION Sage Instant Accounts To Be Won engage uk has five Sage Engage’s regular book reviewer, Caroline Lashley, gives you her three offerings that will hopefully assist you as you grow your business. INSTANT ACCOUNT packs to be won by ‘engage’ readers. The Entrepreneur’s Book of Checklists This book, like many, opens with a dedication, however, very few say, “However hard you work at starting and growing your enterprise, always make time for your family”. In its second edition, this book of checklists is exactly what it says on the tin: ‘1000 tips to help you start and grow your business.’ Starting Your Own Business: The Good, the Bad, and the Unexpected In ‘Starting Your Own Business’ author David Lester describes the reality of running your own show. Divided into three sections, the book “is entirely focused on starting something which can survive and thrive”. It is crammed with many of the author’s own observations, mistakes and first-hand experiences of starting and running a business from scratch. It does &][[H[\[X[H[]ZH]\ˈۙHوH[]\\]\\H[\H]]܈YZ]][]H\[8$[[[8$X[Hو\\[\\H\۸&][^\X\ٝ[ Y\XX\\\x&\H]وX[ۈ[[\H][\[]\\[&]Z[[\[\ٙX\H8$Y][]8&\X\[HۙH[[x&\H\XYHX[H[H\XHZY ][[ZYH܈Y[[\[]\[܈H[XYH[]HHۙH&\Y[8$[\]YH\[\\ ]\[\ˈ]N\[[\\[\ΈH HY[H[^XYXN0LNH]]܎]Y\\X\\ܚ[\ۈX\[TГM LN M N KMH][\وX\][[&H][\وX\][ &Kܚ][H]YYY\X[ []\ ][[Tۛ[HYXY\\]Y\ \H8'XX[ZYHH]X[]Hو[X\]['K\ZYH][ۜ][\[[YH[H]\HوX\][[[Y\H\ XK\\X[ۈ[]][Y[[ۜYXY\\[][[YXY\\۝[\H\Y[^H][ۚ[[\[[Y]8&\HYHYHو[ܛX][ۈZH[[و]8&\\H\Y[ ]\H[H\HX[Hو\]HH[YH[\[Y[YHوHYX\\\Y[[ۙY\KY[H][&]]X[\[[وH[\][HYYXK[]YH^\Y[H[[XY\ˈ\X [x&\H[XYH[ZXY[[[\ۈXX[][ۜ[YYHY XX[ZYH[ۛ[\[ܜܘ]H]YYXH[HY][ۘ[[X\][Z^]NH][\وX\][[8$\H][X\\\[\[X\][[ۛ[HYYXHXX^Y\\XHXN0MKNH]]܎]YYY\X[X\\[^KU\YX ˈPHTГM L M LLL KMBYHSSPS\Hٝ\HXYH܈H܈][X[\[\\ΈU]\ٚ] \ܝ][][ۜ[[X[\X[ Y]HYXBH[]H[Hو[[ۙHوHX[\H[\H[]Y\[ێ]\\[Y[YX[”[[\[\\]Y\[ۈ[ۙ][\KY\۝X[\ۙH\[[XZ[Y\ۈH\܈[[[[HYHSSPS\]][ۋ[YK[]LK]\۝Y[ HY ۙۈLM PR ܈[H[[XZ[[\[\[YP[Y[XY^[K˝ZˈH[\[HH]H[HY[HH\H\[Y[H[ܜXKXY[N ؙ\  ܈\\[ܛX][ۈ\]˜Y\\\ ˝Z‚ܚ][[HX\X\K]\XY[KXX\\\H\وX\]\H[H܈Y\[K[Y[ۙH[Y8' LY\\Y[H[ؘXH]Y8'H[[\\ MH[\\\\ˈ[H\\[\\H[\[H\Y\[[ۈ[H]YHوH[\Y[YXH[H\H[[\8' L^\[[ܙH[Yx'H H\XX[HH\X]XZ[8'Y^HXX[8'K\XH\Y[]وX\][H[\[]\[\H]X\H8$Y[][Hܝ][ۈH[Y[x&\HYY[Y][Y\[H[]YH]NH[\[]\&\وX\XN0LNH]]܎ؙ\\ۈX\\X\ۈٙ\[ۘ[YX][ۈTГM L LMLL NB\[H\^H[HY]ܸ&\ٙXKHۜ[[H[[X[\[\\[[\[]\Z[\X[[XX[][ۜˈH\[HX\\[Y]܈وX[\[\^[K\\\[\Rˈ\[H[H۝XYXH[XZ[]YY]ܜٙXPXZ˘˝Z‚TQHUS [YHZ‚