engage magazine issue 007/\'08 - Page 64

64 POSITIVE PUBLICITY Press Ahead Communications is the The trio at Press Ahead Communications, Fatima, Cece and Gery, who insist on being known by their first names, are infectiously enthusiastic about their new business venture. Between them they have more than 40 years experience of providing a range of communication services. These include promoting organisations using the media, running advertising campaigns, and organising events to producing publications. Fatima, whose parents are originally from India, is Press Ahead’s copywriter. She has edited monthly and fortnightly newsletters, magazines and newspapers, and compiled copy for advertisements, annual reports and other publications. Working to tight deadlines is second nature to her, and so is negotiating with designers, photographers, printers and distributors. Fatima said: “I thoroughly enjoy writing and cannot help but look at written material to see where I can make improvements to give it that winning edge. Communications is the secret of success for all organisations and businesses regardless of their size. At Press Ahead we advise our clients on how best to develop that vital communication to their present and potential customers, suppliers, local authorities and the wider community.” Cece is the team’s marketing professional with a flair for new technology. A member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing, Cece has worked on developing products and services into well-known brands. She has managed large and small-scale direct marketing campaigns and organised events for as many as 10,000 people. Her advice to businesses is to make building their brand a priority. She said: “It’s essential for businesses and organisations to stand out from the crowd whether they’re selling a product or providing a service. To ensure they succeed, I help them look at their company through the eyes of their customers.” Gery shares Cece’s Jamaican heritage and is the media relations expert in the group. A member of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations, she is also a keen amateur photographer. Gery has spent many years working with TV companies, radio stations and magazines persuading them to run positive stories about her clients. She said: “It never ceases to amaze me how easily a business or organisation can get positive publicity through the media. I can help make this a reality as part of the communications plan we offer. It’s just as important for clients to defend themselves if the media’s secret of success attention is unwelcome. Experience overseeing the media for organisations when large fires have broken out, deaths have needed investigating, to responding to the 7 July bombings has made me an expert.” When asked what made them different from others in their field, the partners said: “What we offer is different. Any organisations who uses our media service will be offered their own free virtual media office. More significantly, as there are three of us with our different expertise, we can easily identify our customers’ needs and offer a tailored communication solution so they get the best possible service at an affordable price.” Whether it is media management, a marketing campaign or simply adding that certain wow factor to their written material, the Press Ahead Communications partners declared they are happy to go the extra mile to delight their clients. Three former colleagues have pooled their expertise to set up a public relations and marketing company. They vow to help businesses and organisations, large and small communicate with their customers. To discuss your needs email press.ahead@googlemail.com or call 020 8279 2057. Visit www.pressaheadcommunications.com engage | uk ISSUE FIVE 2007