engage magazine issue 007/\'08 - Page 63

NEW START-UPS 63 Cleaning Services Jabo talked to Engage’s Colette Machado about the challenges experienced in the early stages of the business, support given in the start-up phase, and more. So, what inspired you and your partner to start the business? I had graduated in Law in Africa but found it very difficult to get a job as a solicitor in the UK. I began to start thinking about what I could do and eventually I decided that the best way to succeed was to set up my own business. which I found very helpful. I also received training from A4E (www.a4e. co.uk) on how to provide training to the BME community. What help do you think you or other small businesses could benefit from? More advice on the reality of business, finance and how to access funds. What are the key highlights or successes that you’ve had with the business so far? It would have to be the fact that the cleaning services has opened up so many doors for other business opportunities. We now have Pride Business Development which trains people in the BME community to start their own business and Trinity Imports which brings foods and flowers from Africa and Brazil. Also we are now not just trading in Yorkshire region but also in the West Midlands and hopefully will go nationwide. And what advice or tips would you give to someone who is in the process of setting up a business? Make sure you do your research, find out who your prospective customers are, and which kind of financial help you can get and go for it! Also I do believe that for anyone who is thinking of starting a business it is very important to have your loved ones’ support. It makes a huge difference. Did you receive any financial assistance to help you launch your business? As I had not lived in the UK for long and did not have credit history it was impossible to access any finance, but thankfully we (Jabo and Klyvia) were able to get credit in my partner’s name. The only financial help came from my partner. Klyvia was very supportive on all fronts. She initially worked as an auxiliary nurse at a local hospital while continuing to help run the business with me. What do you enjoy the most about being a business owner – and the least? My days are never the same so I never get bored. It’s a challenge every day! What do I enjoy the least? It would have to be the fact that we do not have a 9 to 5 routine so it’s hard to organize time for friends and relatives as we work anytime including weekends and bank holidays. Did you receive any business training prior to launching your business or in the early stages of setting it up? The training I received initially was with the Department for Work Pensions on how to start a business And finally, believe in yourself. Do not give ٔͥѥٔѥՑ()QхЁ)ѕɥ͕́1ѐɅ́) M٥̰ԀȀ́Ȁи()%MMUMY8܁%MMUQ!Iլ((