engage magazine issue 007/\'08 - Page 61

CASE STUDY 61 regular updates of things I might find of use to grow the business and puts me in touch with people that might be able to help develop the two new divisions,” says Chireal. Keeping true to your goals Exciting times lie ahead for Naturally Nurturing, but Chireal hasn’t forgotten why she set up the business in the first place. “Having my own business means I can manage my work around my children,” she says. “I’m lucky as I have a live-in nanny, but my work lets me take my kids around the country with me.” Chireal has also been heartened by the warmth shown to her from the hundreds of families she’s worked with over the years. “When I first started working in the private sector, I did initially wonder how some of my clients might view the fact that I’m Afro-Caribbean. As a psychologist I’m trained to look at these variables and I know that people tend to feel more comfortable with people they share a likeness with,” she explains. “But I was way off the mark. After three years of running my own business, my race has never once been an issue – although I often get asked how old I am as I’m only five foot two and a size 8-10!” “Business Link London has helped to structure my business and point me in the right direction of people who can help me that I wouldn’t otherwise have known existed.” ISSUE SEVEN 2008 engage | uk Chireal’s top tips n Keep focused on your initial aim in setting up the business: if it was to spend more time with your children, make sure you delegate enough responsibility to do so. n Expect the unexpected – I have been surprised at how welcoming people are when inviting me into their homes. n Accept you can’t be good at everything and look to others to help with those areas where you’re not so strong. n Think big: I want Naturally Nurturing to be a global brand and I’ve already expanded outside the UK. www.naturallynurturing.co.uk