engage magazine issue 007/\'08 - Page 55

LOCAL AUTHORITIES 55 Spotlight on BAME councillor Throughout her tenure, Cllr Headley has been a strong campaigner for her ward where, amongst other things, she has been proactively involved on the citing of telephone masts, section 106 payments, air quality, childcare provision and community play space. Two years ago, Cllr Headley and local residents campaigned to have the first nuisance order issued in Enfield over air pollution from the Invessel composite and this site has now been enclosed. Denise is very proud of her ward and has sought to establish good relations with SMEs in the community. “We are seeing massive change and regeneration in this ward. It is vitally important that local residents and local business owners are the change agents themselves, sharing the success and being the decision makers directing the change in our community” Denise said. She is especially proud of the new Lidl express on the concourse of Edmonton Green Shopping centre which is Lidl’s first express store in the whole of Europe. “Having such a prestigious company taking the risk of a new concept in the ward is a major boost for the local economy. It demonstrates belief that progress is real and happening now and tomorrow” explains Denise. “Lidl aims to source over 60% of its workforce from a 15 minute radius of the store. This will support the local community by creating local disposable income spent locally by employees as well as bein ٥ɽх䁍͍́䁍ѥݸѡɉЁɥЁѡ啕́ɅٕѼݽɬQ́́٥хѥѕɴх䁙ȁѽɕѡݡٔ͡ѡɗt͡Qɔɔͼ́ȁ͑Ѽѽɔѽɕɥ=ѽȀกQ܁ٕЁݥɕє́)1 ȁ͔!ݥѠ1ɕϊéѽɔȁ5ɥM()ѡ݅ɐɽչɕ͔ٕ́ȁݽɬݥѠѡѡɥ䁡́Ѽɕѕȁչх%Ё́ɽѕѡЁѡ܁͑ѽɔ́Ё啅ȁݥٔѼȸāѽ̸͔ٕ́ȁѥѼѡչ䁅́ȁѼչхѡ́ɥٕȁѡЁݼ́́ѕȁɽ́չȁѼՑѡЁ݅ɐɽѕȰхѽȁչ䁱ȸMѽqɕ䁍́ɽȁ݅ɐ́٥ԁ͡ɔѡȁɥЁٽ䁉Ёɕ丁$ٕٔ݅ɐȀ啅̸$ɕ܁ɔ$ݽɬɔ䁍ɕɔՍѕɔݔЁѡ䁡ɔ$ٔѡ䁍ѥՕ͔́Ё́䁱ѽtQѡ́ ȁ!䁡́ѕͥٔݽɬմ͵ѕɥ͕́͡ݽɭ́ݥѠݥѡȁ݅ɐѡɽչչ丁͔٥ͥ́́䁱͕ͥ́́ͥѼ͡܁Ёȁѡȁѥ́ѼݱѡȁѵЁѼѡɕḾѡɵЁ́ɽ́ѡչ䁅ͼɽ٥́ɵѥЁչչѥ́́ݕ͕́ѡЁѡЁѽɕ́፥ѥ٥ɅЁѼٔݽɬ̸ͥq]M5áѼѡɽ՝ѡ͡ձѼЁͥЁɽѥ嵕ЁɕѕѼɕͥ́́ݕ́ɕͥЁ͕ѥ؁ɕϊt=є͔Ցq1չѥ́ݔٔȁՕ́ݕٕȁѡٕЁѽɕ́չ䁙ȁѡݡչ䁅ݥѠ܁չѡɔ́ȁѕȁѽɽߊt()͔٥ͥ́́䁱͕ͥ́́ͥѼ͡܁Ёȁѡȁѥ́ѼݱѡȁѵЁѼѡɕḾѡɵЁ́ɽ́ѡչ䁅ͼɽ٥́ɵѥЁչչѥ()%MMUMY8լ((0