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FACT FILE 47 Did you know According to the BERR Annual Survey of Small Businesses’ Opinion 2006/07 (published February 2008) Diversity u In 2006, the vast majority of UK SME employers were led by men; only 14% of SME employers were women-led (defined as led by a woman or having a management team made up mostly of women). u Women-led SME employers tended to be smaller than average. Nine in ten women-led SME employers were micro-businesses (89% compared to 84% overall). u One in twelve UK SME employers was led by a member or mostly by members of a Minority Ethnic Group (8%). u 7% of UK SME employers included at least one owner or director with a disability. 12% of partnerships and 7% of companies had partners or directors with a long standing disability. 2% of sole proprietors had a long standing disability. u The majority of UK SME employer owners and co-owners fell into the following age groups: 35 and 44 age category (25%), 45 to 54 (31%) and 55 to 64 (26%). The proportions in younger and older cohorts were much smaller; just 9% were aged under 35 and 7% over 65. 17% dis in the public sector an in 7% is rofit the non-p sector Source: GLAECONOMICS Employment in London by firm size - May 2008 u One third of UK SMEs (34%) started their operations as home based. The smaller the business, the more likely it was that its first premises was someone’s home; 35% of micro, 28% of small and 22% of medium-sized businesses used someone’s home as the main business or work premises at start-up. u In total, SMEs employ almost ten million people (approximately 30% of the total workforce of the UK whole country including Government and not-for-profit organisations) and have an aggregate turnover of approximately £1,100 billion (approximately 40% of the UK whole economy total of £2,600 billion). Focus on ethnicity u 8% of UK SME employers were minority ethnic-led; that is led by a member of a minority ethnic group or a management team with at least half of its members from minority ethnic groups. u Minority ethnic-led SME employers tended to be smaller than other SME employers. The majority were micro-businesses (90%); just 1% were medium-sized. u Minority ethnic-led SME employers were more likely to be sole proprietorships than businesses generally (38% compared to 26%) and less likely to be incorporated companies (43% compared to 55%). u Less than 1% of SME employers were led by minority ethnic women. One in ten minority ethnic led businesses (10%) was led by minority-ethnic women. Source: The Annual Survey of Small Businesses’ Opinions 2006/07 (ASBS 2006/07) Summary report of findings among UK SME employers - February 2008 Size and Structure u The vast majority of UK SMEs have no employees; they are sole proprietorships, partnerships comprising only the selfemployed owner-manager(s) or