engage magazine issue 007/\'08 - Page 45

ACCREDITATION PROGRAMMES 45 C 2 E Committed 2 Equality R Public sector organisations may have already taken some internal steps to demonstrate that they are employing fairly and that they will comply with the forthcoming Equality Bill*, but what do you do to ensure that fair employment and equality practices are in place across the entire supply chain? And what do you do if you wish to continue to supply public sector organisations? Getting started Public bodies should already be assessing their suppliers to ensure that their equality and employment credentials are confirmed and that monitoring information is available, which can all be achieved with C2E’s Diversity Assured Accreditation programme. The programme examines and approves an organisation’s employment practises, resulting in a positive declaration that they are a fair and equal employer. Companies and organisations that achieve this first stage of accreditation can then add C2E’s Diversity Assured logo to all corporate stationery. As well as being able to add a logo to stationery, the benefits of accreditation for companies that have gone through the programme have all seen an increase in the number of employees from an ethnic minority, as well as more women and older people employed. There is also the added benefit from the recruitment perspective given that the company can position itself as a fair company to work for, which is an increasingly important factor for prospective employees. The cost of the programme to suppliers is calculated according to the information the suppliers provide, based on the number of employees and their operating locations. There is no charge to the Councils for providing support, statistics and monitoring information from accredited suppliers. Extending the accreditation process C2E ensures that there is support and minimal disruption when going through the Diversity Assured Accreditation programme and the same very much applies to evaluating suppliers’ equality credentials. The process of implementing a supplier diversity programme might seem rather daunting, but C2E’s unique programme takes care of every aspect of the accreditation process including evaluating, monitoring and reporting. By making the procurement process transparent and more inclusive, C2E’s Supplier Diversity Programme, identifies those suppliers with a genuine commitment to employing fairly and enables those suppliers to clearly demonstrate that they meet all their statutory, reporting and monitoring obligations. and equality credentials, which will be scrutinised as public sector bodies move through the accreditation programmes. Summary Public sector and local authority suppliers are required to provide annual reports and to demonstrate evidence of their current equal opportunities policies and practices, wh 6WFVG2F7WƖW'2BFV"7V&6G&7F'2FFFFW6RV&W'G2W7B6VFRfW&fVB7FF7F72BF"FR&W&W6VFFr7FfbB6G&7F'>( 7FfbbFffW&VB&6w&W2F6RvFF6&ƗGBvVFW"w&W26V62BV&Ɩ2&FW2666WBFR3$^( 2FfW'6G77W&VBB7WƖW"FfW'6G67&VFFF2WfFV6Rb&v6F( 2&fRƖ6W2B&7F6W2B'vrFR3$RFR&7WƖW"6FV7G&FRFV"6֗FVBFf"VVB&7F6W2FV&Ɩ26V7F"&v6F22V&Ɩ26V7F"&v6F2Vvǒ&WV&RV6f&Fbf"VVB&7F6W2BF&rf&Fg&FV"7WƖW'2B2fW'V6FR7WƖW'>( FW&W7G2FFV7G&FRFBFW6FVRFVWBFR&WV&VVG2bFV"V&Ɩ26V7F"6ƖVG23$R2'Vrg&VR6V֖"7F&W"FBFR%B6VG&RFVFFVB&7W&VVBBFRWVƗG&( Br&7W&VVBv6vRf"&Rf&FV6R6VBRFf3&R6VࠤvB'W6W726V6Pv7BFRVFrWVƗG&v&VV66RB7G&VwFVFRW7FrVv&WV&VVG2f"V&Ɩ26V7F"&v6F2FF"f"VVB&7F6W2bFV"7WƖW'2FW&R2fW'vW&gV'W6W7266Rf"&fFR6V7F"6W2FV'&6RWVƗGBf&W72Bv&&v6F2vFvBWVƗG&7F6W2&R&R7W7F&R6WFFfRBVff6VB&fFR6V7F"'W6W76W2bFWv6F6FVRF7WǒFRV&Ɩ26V7F"W7B&R&RFFV7G&FRFV"f&W7055TR4UdT#VvvRV