engage magazine issue 007/\'08 - Page 42

42 WORKSPACE GROUP Whether it’s grabbling a slice of the 2012 cake or finding that new office space that meets your needs Workspace can give you a hand. Workspace Group are also keen for London’s business community to grab a slice of 2012 contract opportunities and are promoting CompeteFor, the ODA’s official website for tendering opportunities, to make sure SMEs are aware of 2012 opportunities.. CompeteFor is a free service provided by London 2012 that matches businesses with 2012 supply chain opportunities. All a business need do is register on the CompeteFor website www.competefor.com to gain access to thousands of Games related contracts. Registration is free, easy and only needs to be done once. Once registered, a business is automatically matched with contracts that it can apply for. The record to date shows London businesses have a great chance of winning these contracts: n Around 75,000 business opportunities are coming out of the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games. n A large portion of the contracts already awarded worth over £1billion have been won by small and medium sized businesses. n Over half have been won by London businesses. uk | engage ISSUE SEVEN 2008