engage magazine issue 007/\'08 - Page 36

36 PROCUREMENT PROCESSES Public Sector Procurement Try and get your head around public sector procurement and you may wind up blurry eyed and speaking a different language. OJEU, PQQ, ITT, ITQ are just some of the terms used in the public buying world and these terms are enough to turn any suppliers head away from public contracts, or so I have heard. Let’s start from the beginning. Well actually let’s start from a position that is relevant to you, the small and minority business. But first, lets define Procurement. According to public authorities and ‘gurus’ in the field, procurement can be defined as: “The acquisition of goods, works and services which meet the customers and service users needs, whilst ensuring value for money throughout the life of the product including disposal.” This is quite a broad statement to understand and despite its truth we can break it down further so that it may become a little clearer.