engage magazine issue 007/\'08 - Page 23

THE SECTOR SKILLS 23 Alliance of Sector Skills Councils IMI IMI is the Sector Skills Council for the retail motor industry. Their objectives are to progressively improve the professional standards of individuals working in the retail motor industry through recognition, status, employability and pride. Sector: THE RETAIL MOTOR INDUSTRIES Website: www.motor.org.uk Lifelong Learning UK This independent employer-led sector skills council is responsible for the professional development of staff working in the UK lifelong learning. Sector: COMMUNITY LEARNING, EDUCATION, FE, HE, LIBRARIES, WORK-BASED LEARNING, TRAINING PROVIDERS Website: www.lifelonglearninguk.org Skills Active Improve Ltd People 1st Skills Active is the Sector Skills Council for the active leisure and learning industry, embracing sport and fitness, outdoors and adventure, playwork, camping and caravanning. Sector: SPORT & RECREATION, HEALTH & FITNESS, OUTDOORS, PLAYWORK AND CARAVANNING INDUSTRY Website: www.skillsactive.com Skills for Justice Improve is the Sector Skills Council for Food and Drink Manufacturing and Processing across the UK. Improve was established July 2004 as the recognised authority on skills development in these industries. Their vision is ‘to deliver more profit to employers through skills’. Improve has an ambitious programme of activity in place to deliver the results. Improve covers the following: bakery, brewery, dairy, distillery, drinks manufacturing, food manufacturing and processing, fresh produce, meat and poultry, sea fish and confectionery. Sector: FOOD & DRINKS MANUFACTURING & PROCESSING Website: www.improveltd.co.uk People 1st cover contract food service providers, events, gambling, holiday parks, hospitality services, hostels, hotels, membership clubs, pubs, bars and nightclubs, restaurants, self catering accommodation, tourist services, travel services and visitor attractions. Sector: HOSPITALITY, LEISURE, TRAVEL & TOURISM SECTOR Website: www.people1st.co.uk Skills for Care and Development Proskills SSC The employer led authority on the training standards and development needs of nearly one million social care staff in England, providing over £25 million in funding to support improved training and qualifications for managers and staff. Sector: SOCIAL CARE, CHILDREN, EARLY YEARS & YOUNG PEOPLE’S WORKFORCES IN UK Website: www.skillsforcare.org.uk Is the dedicated Sector Skills Council and Standards Setting Body for the justice sector. Working with justice organisations across England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales, Skills for Justice identifies the skills priorities and actions required for workforce development. Sector: POLICING & LAW ENFORCEMENT, YOUTH JUSTICE, CUSTODIAL CARE, COMMUNITY JUSTICE, COURTS SERVICE, PROSECUTION SERVICES & FORENSIC SCIENCE Website: www.skillsforjustice.com Skills for Logistics Lantra Lantra is the Sector Skills Council for the environmental and land-based sector, representing 17 industries across the whole of the United Kingdom including, land management and production, environmental industries and animal health and welfare. Sector: ENVIRONMENT & LAND-BASED SECTOR Website: www.lantra.co.uk Proskills is the Sector Skills Council for the building products, coatings, extractives, glass and print industries which make up the process and manufacturing sector. Sect #%TDr$ET5E24Du2ԔU$$4U54rUE$5DdU2t52b$B4T5D%2vV'6FSwwr&626V66W@4TDFR6V7F"626V6f"66V6RVvVW&rbVf7GW&rFV6vW24TD&W&W6VG2W&76RWFFfR&66V6RVV7G&6VV7G&72FV6R&RFVF72V66WF2BVvVW&VBWF&GV7G26V7F#44T4RTtTU$rbTd5EU$rDT4tU24T5D%2vV'6FSwwr6VF&rV66WB2FR6V7F"626V6f"7&VFfRVF6fW&sEbf&FV&Ɨ6rFW&7FfRVF6WFW"vW2FFvrBf6ƗFW2FǒgVFVB'GW7G'BvfW&VBFV""2FR7W&RFBFRT7&VFfRVFGW7G&W2fRFR&vBVRvFFR&vB62FR&vB6RBFR&vBFR6FBFW6RGW7G&W2&VFW&Fǒ6WFFfR6V7F#%$D45DrDtrTDd5TbT$ĕ4r4T5D"vV'6FSwwr66WB&p62f"v7F722FR6V7F"626V6f"FRg&VvBv7F72GW7G&W262f"v7F72v2V6VBfV''V'#BvVBv2w&FVBFR542Ɩ6V6R'FRvfW&VN( 26V7F"62FWfVVBvV754Dv7F72v2RbFRf'7BRTGW7G'6V7F'2F&R6W'fVB'5426V7F#e$TtBt5D52btU4ĔrEU5E%vV'6FSwwr66f&v7F72&p66'B&WFFRFWVFVBWF&Gf"&WF62FWfVVBB&F6G&'WFrF&fVB&GV7FfG66'B&WF2'V'&WFW'2f"&WFW'26V7F#$UD4T5D"vV'6FSwwr66'G&WF6Р7V֗E6062f"VF6f7@6f7BT2FR6V7F"626V6f"f6BFWFW2FR6V7F"7ƗG2FF&VR&V3Vf7GW&rG&FrB6W'f6W26V7F#d4bDUDU2vV'6FSwwr6f7BV&p62f"VF2FR6V7F"626V6f"FRTVF6V7F"FWVFRvR6V7F"FWfV6WF2FBFVƗfW"6VBBfW&Rv&f&6R&FW"F&fRVFBVF6&R6V7F#TTD4T5D"vV'6FSwwr66f&VF&rV7V֗E622FR6V7F"626V6f"FR'VFr6W'f6W2VvVW&r6V7F"B6fW'2FRVV7G&FV66VFrfVFFr"6FFr&Vg&vW&FBV&rGW7G&W26V7F#%TDr4U%d4U2TtTU$r4T5D"vV'6FSwwr7V֗G62&rV55TR4UdT#VvvRV