engage magazine issue 006/\'08 - Page 70

70 NEW START-UPS Caribbean Catering What would you say were the main challenges or obstacles that you faced in the early stages of setting up the business? The main challenge was having the faith and confidence to start the business. We had been thinking about it for about four years, however, having an idea and doing nothing about it amounts to lost dreams. for it in any case. Another highlight is that it’s always very rewarding when we receive positive feedback from our clients about the standard of our food and service What would you say you enjoy the most and least about being a business owner? Did you receive financial support from any bank, founder, or family or friends or is your business entirely self-financed? This is where faith comes into play. Our business is self-financed. There’s so many good things, seeing clients enjoying the whole Caribbean food experience is great. But, not so much fun is filling in those tax forms! What help do you think you or other small businesses could benefit from? More free advice and local black forums for support and advice. Did you receive any other support in the early stages of establishing your business, such as training, business advice, and if so, how helpful was this in the setting up of the business? All three of us had a vision of what kind of business we wanted, we just went with our vision evolving as we went along. The local Business Link and the Inland Revenue were very helpful however. What advice or tips would you give to someone who is in the process of setting up a business? If you are passionate and good at what you do it doesn’t matter how old you are, nothing happens before it’s time. Bounce ideas off other people, remember customer satisfaction is key, get a very good web designer and have fun! 1 2 3 4 5 top tips to success Have a 5 year plan whether it is for your business or your career and then make a six month to one year plan, this will make achieving your goals more realistic. Be persistent but friendly, you will leave a lasting impression. Use every obstacle you come across as a learning curve, that way you can prevent making the same mistake again. Be prepared to work hard and work long hours. Use every situation as a networking opportunity; you never know when you will have to sell yourself or your company. What (if any) are the key highlights or successes that you’ve had so far with the business? In April 2007 we were asked to put in a tender for a large national com 䁍ѕ%Ё݅́ɝɅЁݽձٔٽٕ́她́丁]eЁЁѡѕȰЁЁ݅́ɕЁѼȁѼ܁ѡЁݔݕɔѡ՝Ё́՝Ѽѕȁȁи]ͼ䁉ɅѥȁЁݼѡ́ͼݔݕɔЁɔݔݕɔɕɕ(+qQɗéͼ䁝ѡ̰͕́她ѡݡ ɥɥ́ɕиt)QхЁɽ5́ ɥ5 ѕMḾЀԁȀ؀Āܸ=ȁѕɥլ]ͥєܹѕɥլ((()լ%MMUM%`((