engage magazine issue 006/\'08 - Page 67

SUPPORTING BUSINESS 67 F uelled Media are a creative agency based in Leicester who have been around for nearly four years, with clients ranging from Revolution bars to dental practices across the UK. Creative Director of Fuelled Media Nik Mann exclaimed “We are very pleased about all the changes happening, this is a very exciting time for Fuelled Media and our possibilities are endless.” “Not only is the Midlands a hidden minefield of talent and creativity but with the new regeneration taking place there will be a huge potential of new businesses and our home city of Leicester will be at the heart of innovation.” September 2003 was when Fuelled Media first started out as a very small company with only the two directors in a back room of a family friend’s factory. They painted the room by hand and also built their own furniture with spare bits of mdf, and industrial paint. “We managed to make the office look fairly decent, but during the winter there was no central heating and it was very cold!” said Nik Mann, who also confessed to buying and selling fridges to keep the business afloat, “We made enough money from buying and selling mini fridges on the internet to pay off our overheads.” Selling mini fridges might be a slightly strange way to make some extra cash, but it is also what won Fuelled Media the Young Entrepreneur of the year award in October 2004, Nik replied “we were completely shocked at winning this award, but I guess selling mini fridges made us entrepreneurial! We were extremely pleased and proud with our award.” From there on Fuelled Media started its journey onwards to the Leicester Creative Depot, a great place where they took one of their first steps towards becoming established as a creative agency gaining larger contracts such as Revolution Bar, corporate companies and government funded projects. “The Leicester Creative Depot was a great place for us to really start making a mark and the time that we spent in the offices was positively progressive, it was also a perfect opportunity for networking with the other companies that were there as well” said Nick Mann. Fuelled Media secured their clients through hard work and persistence, with no track record or contacts in the industry they networked and gained a lot of work through persistence. From the onset the contacts they made at the beginning of Fuelled Media’s journey have enabled them to network and progress even further with their larger clients. Creative Director Anish Mistry explained “We did have a tough journey but the initial contacts we gained were really through persistence almost bordering on annoying! Some contracts were for small companies that just happened to grow as we grew. Overall making good relations and retaining them was our real key to success.” Since then Fuelled Media moved to the outer skirts of the city centre, and now they are back in the heart of the city centre and glad to be back in the heart of all the hustle and bustle, that is Leicester city. They are based in a much larger and bigger building, (4,000 square feet), encompassing the potential of four departments including two newer departments. Anish Mistry said “We have come a long way since being based in the back room of a factory! We have all worked very hard to come to the point that we have now, although the journey has been a long and hard one we have enjoyed every step of it. We do plan to have a launch party for the departments that are new as well as celeb rating our moving in to our new premises; we want to invite all our clients to show them where we are based and all other potential clients, friends, family and relatives as well!” You heard it here first watch this space Fuelled Media are well and truly on their way to conquering the rest of the country, and the sky is really the limit for them! For more information go to www.fuelledmedia.com Fuelled Media are now based at: Fuelled Media 64 Mansfield Street Leicester United Kingdom LE1 3DL Tel: 0870 851 90 11 ISSUE SIX 2008 engage | uk