engage magazine issue 006/\'08 - Page 62

62 DOING BUSINESS Midlands Doing Business... the Midlands London is not the only place which is seeing a rise in new business start-ups. If you’ve been to Coventry, Birmingham, Nottingham or Ipswich (among other places) recently then you’ll know that the Midlands is one such place where entrepreneurial energy is alive and well. East Midlands Business EMB Ltd aims to help East Midlands businesses start, grow and compete more effectively and more profitably via “high quality and accessible information, diagnosis and brokerage service and skills brokerage”. It is a joint venture formed by the three Chambers of Commerce that previously provided Business Link services across the Derbyshir KZX\\\H[ܝ[\ۜ\H\X\ˈSP[ݘ][ۈ\K]\YH\^[\^K\HLH Б[ L̈ [XZ[[X\ZY[؝\[\˘˝ZX]N˙X\ZY[؝\[\˘˝ZۛXZY[8$X\ٙXHYܛY[ݘ][ۈ[K\[[^KYܛY LLH R[ MLH  [XZ[[ܙYX\ۛXZY[˛ܙX]N˘ۛXZY[˛ܙ‚\[\\B\[\\H\HXY[\[\\ܝܙ[\][ۈ[[[K\X\Y\ܝHYYو\\[^\[\[\ۙ\[[[H[Y]HX\ZY[ˈ]ݚY\YK[\\X[[ۙY[X[ۙK][ۙH\ܝ [Y[\[\YXKZ[[X\[[K[]\[\[[]\X\[Y[YZ[\\و[[[[ܛX][ۈ[Yۋ\[\\Y[ܙ[\][ۜˈ]XX[\\[ݚY[\[\\ܝ[YXH[HH\Y[YY[][]Y\]\[]\[ۙK\[\\H\[\Y[HLYܙY \ۈܙY[[[H QH[ LMHM ̈[XZ[X\[ې\ Y[\\K˝ZX]N˙\ Y[\\K˝Z‚ۛXZY[ۛXZY[X\HX[]]܈[]ܚ[ZXK[[]\[Y\[XH\[\\]YYY\\\ˈ]ٙ\Z[[[Y[ܚ[ܘ[[Y\[\Y[\[][[]ܚ[][܈\[\\[\ܜ[HXY[ZX[][]H[HZY[Y[ۋ][\ L ][\YX\[YHZTQHV