engage magazine issue 006/\'08 - Page 59

CASE STUDY 59 Link London to establish proper procedures for managing the 40 staff at the hotel. Business Link London also signposted Samantha to several experts in HR and staff training, such as Personnel Plus, which helped her with writing job descriptions. More recently, Samantha has been enrolling staff for NVQs on the Train to Gain programme. Senior staff have also been on business management training, “which was really good,” she says. Not wanting to neglect her own training and development, Samantha embarked on a MBA on the recommendations of Business Link London. “The best advice I received from Business Link London was to do with my personal development and made me see how I needed to be recruiting the right people and developing staff,” she says. Samantha obtained funding early on in the business’ development to seek one-to-one business training from an ex-hotelier. “It also helped that my client services manager was a specialist in the hotel and tourism sector, as he knew about the challenges that businesses in the industry face,” she says. As the Bingham upgrades from a three-star to fourstar hotel, the training of staff will become even more important. “I’m really focusing on raising Having recently undergone an extensive refurbishment, the hotel is also beginning to look like the upmarket boutique hotel Samantha had always envisaged. Turnover is expected to increase this financial year to £1.8m and, more importantly, the hotel is now profitable. “The support I’ve received from Business Link London has been really, really good,” concludes Samantha. “I probably wouldn’t have made it as far as I have done without the contacts and support they’ve given me over the last few years. I can honestly say that without their help I’d have been struggling at best, or at worst, I would have given up.” Samantha’s top tips n If I were to start all over again, I’d spend more on recruiting good management staff from the beginning. In th Rr'VRVBWw&vrFR'W6W72V6W"vF7G&vW"fVFF2R6V"vBV67FfbV&W.( 2&RVF2B&fFRGV7F2'BbW""&6W76W2F( BFRFV6( 2N( 2&BBFvV^( fRBvBV6WF7F'BvF'WBbRfW7B&R7FfbR6Ff"&RvFFR'W6W72࠮( FR&W7BGf6R&V6VfVBg&'W6W72ƖFv2FFvFגW'6FWfVVBBFRR6VRrVVFVBF&R&V7'VFrFR&vBVRBFWfVr7Ffb( Ф55TR4#VvvRVFR7FF&G2BFWfVrW"FVF&VvG&rB7FfbFfF( Р626FFF2VB6R2v&rFv&G2vrfW7F'2VR67&VFFFB2r&V7'VFVBFVvW"66R6f7W26RbFR&R7G&FVv277VW2ffVB'VrFR'W6W726VFrFR76&ƗGb'Wr6V6BFVࠠ