engage magazine issue 006/\'08 - Page 57

BUSINESS BOOKS 57 Book Reviews PR, making money online, and marketing are the subjects of the three books reviewed in this issue of engage, by Caroline Lashley. Mini website: A mini website, also known as a company brochure website, has slightly more pages than a micro website, usually about five. The website normally includes a homepage, an about us page, a contact page, and maybe a pricing page. E-commerce website: This website’s aim is to sell directly to the customer or potential customer. It consists mainly of a shopping basket or cart that showcases products. A common example is Amazon. Online marketing website: This website is the central part of a marketing campaign. It features special offers, e-books, and useful tools that can bring people, many of whom will become your customers, back. An email newsletter can also dramatically increase traffic. This type of website tends to require frequent content changes so it is important that you can update it yourself. Customer service website: These websites are for existing clients and provide them with useful information such as scheduling, policies, downloadable files and forms, private client pages, etc. Certain businesses can save a great deal of time by publishing information on a website rather than taking phone calls. Remember – a good website takes a great deal of time and effort (and financial investment) so it is worth spending the time to get it right! Can We Do That?! Although the author of ‘Can We Do That?!’ is American, with a little tweaking, many of the ideas he mentions can work in the UK. The book starts off with PR Basics, which outlines quite amusingly the difference between advertising and public relations using a beautiful woman as an example. But the best section of this book is the three chapters: “Coming up with and implementing the Big Idea – Parts one, two and three”. If there’s not enough time to read the entire section, at least read the rules. One of the rules is “don’t do work that’s substandard or not to par as it wastes your time” (which you can’t get back – ever – by the way) and in any event, costs money. And another key rule is “Don’t ever stop….just because you get some media attention, there’s always more to get, just figure out different ways of getting it.” Never truer words written! Verdict: A useful book to have on the shelf, especially if you’re looking to crack the US market. However, don’t forget that even though we speak the same language, Americans often have a different mind-set to the Brits. Title: Can We Do It?! Author: Peter Shankman Publisher: Wiley Business ISBN: 0-4700-04392-9 Price: £13.99 The E-Code “The E-Code”’s subtitle, “33 Internet superstars reveal 43 Ways to Make Money Online Almost Instantly – Using Only Email” is enough to make you want to read this book. Some of the ideas in the book are relatively straightforward to follow while others might be a touch more difficult to implement – especially if you’re busy running your business and performing all the roles needed to keep your enterprise going. Two useful chapters that are worth having a good read of and are definitely worthwhile reading if you haven’t yet set your goals are chapters 38 & 39, both entitled “How to create a simple internet marketing business plan for maximum profits – Part 1 and Part 2”. Verdict: Good for looking through, especially if you’re finding it difficult to get moving on what needs doing or when there’s a need to get workable ideas fast. Title: The E-Code Author: Joe Vitale and Jo Han Mok Publisher: Wiley Business ISBN: 0-471-71855-6 Price: £12.99 Bright Marketing If you’ve not yet attended one of Robert Craven’s Bright Marketing events (held in partnership with Barclays Bank), don’t fret, because the no-nonsense MD of management consultancy, The Directors’ Centre, has published much of the material delivered at these live sessions in his new book “Bright Marketing”. Robert Craven has written a &7F6wVFRF&WFr6WFrFBVG&W&VWW'2fRG&V&RvFFV7W&RFB6W2frvFFRV7BVBb76R( '&vB&WF~( 7F'G2fbvFrBvB2&WFr'BGv2FR( vBv&>( WFƖr&vRb&WFrF2f&RFR&WFr7V66W72vR'BF&VR'VG2FR&WfW26V7F'&fFr&R67F6FVBF2FRf6V7F27V'bFRf&F&fFVB&WfW26V7F2fW&F7C( '&vB&WF~( >( 7G&VwF&&&ǒ6W2g&FRf7BFBB6&RW6VB27G&vBFƶr&VfW&V6R&FB2V7F&VB&VFfVǒ&vg&VRB&6VB&VWW&V6W2W76VF&VFr( 2W7V6ǒb&WFr2BW"7G&vW7B&VFFS'&vB&WFrWF#&&W'B7&fVV&Ɨ6W#7&6V&Ɨ6r4$cCSCBӒ&6S *3"㓐WB77VSrF6WBW66VFW'&6P6&ƖR6W'V2FRVFF.( 2ff6R"67VF7Vr6'W6W76W2BVG&W&VWW'2v&6262V&Ɩ2&VF26R26FRV&Ɨ6W"BVFF"b6'W6W72WR67FW"'W6W72T6&ƖR6&R6F7FVBfVBFVVFF'6ff6T6V55TR4#VvvRV