engage magazine issue 006/\'08 - Page 51

CASE STUDY 51 Plan of action The Supply London advisor set Rich Visions a plan of action to help it grow. Including: n Taking steps to plan ahead in the business n Six-monthly financial forecasts n Reviewed marketing and business plan n Signing up for tender alerts (allowing it to keep track of tenders available) n Workshop attendance on policy formation (Health and Safety, Equal Opportunties, Quality Assurance and Environmental) n Workshop attendance on how to tender for contracts n Extra reading on tendering and procurement (to help increase their success rate) Positive Results all round …… Supply London has proved very beneficial for Rich Visions in many ways. It has received advice and guidance from a Supply Chain advisor when requested and has attended many workshops and events, which has provided good networking opportunities. Rich Visions explained it also receives useful information on tender alerts and is now registered on relevant websites to ensure it hears about all up and coming contracts, eg Supply 2 gov. Rich Visions also had the opportunity to work in conjunction with Supply London on a project looking at how to win public sector contracts. Supply London also sponsored Rich Visions’ black history month event. Steaming ahead ……. Rich Visions has had positive results all round, it has raised its profile and recently won the communication and media award at the 9th annual Gathering of Africa Best Awards. It has successfully won a £110,000 contract with the Central Office of Information as well as a contract on the Supply London programme for £14,000. Rich Visions now has a wealth of high profile clients from the public and private sector including: n Defra n Home Office n Lloyds TSB n London Borough of Hammersmith & Fulham ISSUE SIX 2008 engage | uk