engage magazine issue 006/\'08 - Page 50

50 CASE STUDY Case Study To find out how we can help you contact us today on Tel: 0207 993 3002, or Email: supplylondon@pera.com or complete the online registration form to apply. www.supplylondon.com Supply London has been working fervently with the Capital’s small businesses providing practical assistance to enable them to become successful suppliers, whilst also acting as a source of new suppliers in London for major public and private sector organisations. Already this year Supply London has helped small companies in London win over £8 million pounds of new business. The task in hand Rich Visions International Ltd Rich Visions Ltd, is the only UK communications agency that specialises in helping clients target ethnic groups. It needed help to win more contracts and keep the business alive! Rich Visions International Ltd is a private limited company, which was established in 2002 and began officially trading in 2004. Rich Visions provides ethnic marketing services, recruitment, training and events services to public and private sector organisations that wish to reach ethnic groups, as well as assisting small businesses to utilise PR. It has a team of award winning multi-lingual (French, Swahili, Yoruba) Consultants whose expertise rests in penetrating the ethnic consumer, business, trade and market place in the UK and beyond. Before Rich Visions joined Supply London it was struggling to survive. It did not have enough contracts coming in to sustain the business financially and it was facing many of the same problems that small businesses face in London. It did not understand the tendering and prequalification process and needed to address this in order to win future government contracts. Journey Rich Visions first heard about Supply London Bv&6vW&R&W&W6VFFfW2vW&Rvfrf&FBGf6R&WBFR&w&RgFW"&6f62VBFR&w&RBv276vVB7Wǒ6Gf6"vFWfVVBb7FFFG&W72G2&&V2BBWFR6W762vFFR6F7&V6RG2vVFvRf6B'W6W72FWfVVB࠮( 7WǒF7&V6VBW"f6B'W6W72FWfVVBvVFvRv6VVB&6f62Fw&~( f2v