engage magazine issue 006/\'08 - Page 48

48 DIVERSE SUPPLY CHAIN The SMEs present were invited because the goods and services they provide appear to match sectors in which corporate members currently buy or are likely to buy in the future. From their profiles, websites and recommendations received from partners, these SMEs also appear to meet the high standards of quality and service demanded by corporate buyers. Representatives of 11 of the SMEs took the time to attend a pre-event workshop on 21st November 2007, organised by Supply London, on how best to pitch and present to buyers. Pre-event briefings also took place, by phone, with all corporate members present. In the informal networking area, against the stunning and inspiring skyline of London, constructive and animated discussion took place throughout the day. Pre-scheduled one-to-one meetings took place between SMEs, corporate buyers and 1st tier suppliers to those corporations. Each SME had their own booth in which they hosted meetings and promoted their companies. engage | uk ISSUE FOUR 2007