engage magazine issue 006/\'08 - Page 45

BUSINESS DIVERSITY 45 C 2 E Committed 2 Equality R DIVERSITY PAYBACK Janet is delighted with the results gained from instilling C2E standards into organisations as she said “we didn’t set out to do it – it’s been an evolution” This also reflects on organisations with which C2E is partnered. These organisations either have to have their own crossreferenced standards or can apply to have C2E Equality programmes and policies. The Diversity Payback that Janet experienced in her own business was invaluable as the demonstrated benefits include: • • • • • a more able and stable workforce lower staff turnover less absenteeism a better work ethic teamwork and increased productivity greater access to business opportunities. Janet Lakhani, Chief Executive, Committed2Equality, Neil James, Senior HR Adviser, London Borough of Barking & Dagenham and Christine Shepherd, Head of Human Resources, London Borough of Barking & Dagenham Authenticity and sincerity have helped Janet to develop her business. C2E’s Equality programmes are: Diversity Assured - the leading national equality accreditation programme that organisations can gain to confirm and demonstrate their equality and diversity policies and practices. The Diversity Assured programme covers race, gender, sexual orientation and the other equality strands. It also looks at recruitment, retention, promotion, the suppliers, service users and the community. Advisor support is available through the programme to help the organisations tailor and plan the actions needed to improve practices Diversity Footprint - is Committed2Equality’s Supplier Diversity Certification, which results in confirmation of a company’s ownership, employment and equality and diversity profile to the supply chain. This provides an important differentiator against which to compare prospective suppliers. Committed2Equality’s rigorous approach ensures that high standards are maintained and enhanced across the supply chain. To register with C2E or to learn more about their programmes, certificates and accreditations, log onto www.c2e.co.uk or email Janet Lakhani, Chief Executive at janet@c2e.co.uk or call on office 01629 815 777 or mobile 07759 150 395. • Janet states “on average we see significant profit gains (after costs) worth between £600 to £700 per employee. Remember higher profits also reflect in an increased value of a business”. ISSUE SIX 2008 engage | uk