engage magazine issue 006/\'08 - Page 43

BUSINESS DIVERSITY 43 C 2 E Committed 2 Equality R 2Change! Committed to By Valerie Lothian o one, more so than Janet Lakhani shows support and champions challenges to individuals and organisations that face diversity and inequality on a daily basis. Janet is the Chief Executive of Committed2Equality or C2E, a not for profit organisation. It is the leading equality, diversity accreditation and certification body in the UK and undertakes research and lobbies for change, seeking improvement and fairness. Janet found the inspiration for C2E as an owner/manager of small south east London businesses in the 1990s. With the assistance and support of several key executives of large UK organisations and government departments, the business model for C2E was created in 2004. Commited Equality Equality, Diversity, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and other social inclusion standards are categories businesses should be informed about. Particularly in relation to them becoming a supplier to corporate organisations or government bodies. N in the Middle East, Europe and Africa. For the past 20 years, her marriage to her Muslim husband inspired her to adopt aspects of the cultures and traditions within her own family and teenage children, Adam and Kamilah. Being multi-lingual and working with others from a different culture to her own, was extremely rewarding. She spoke from the heart when she said “diversity brings prosperity”. Janet Lakhani, Chief Executive, Committed2Equality COMMITTED2EQUALITY Janet’s passion and wealth of experiences originally stemmed from her international past where she lived