engage magazine issue 006/\'08 - Page 3

LetteR 3 Reginald William’s Letter Dear All When you read Engage Magazine you can’t help but become swept up in this new global marketplace that presents ever expanding opportunity for growth from small business communities that did not exist a few years ago. Companies that get it . . . don’t need a pied piper, they see the market landscape. And, they understand that the way to grow the business in a multicultural, multiracial society is to adapt and accommodate customer expectations to generate business synergies. Engage Magazine shows us the way by bringing information and inspiration to small diverse businesses and major corporations that will propel their strategic mission well into the 21st century. We simply cannot ignore this global consumer explosion taking place in Asia, Africa, and North and South America. Supplier Diversity provides a road map for relationship building with these important customers. We have a unique opportunity to plant the seed that will benefit all of society by leveraging small businesses as strategic business partners. I know you join me in applauding Engage Magazine for being the catalyst in this important mission. Congratulations Engage, Reginald Williams Consultant, Supplier Diversity Procurement Resources, Inc. Ofc: 770-631-4606 Cell: 678-938-2727 Email: rwllms@bellsouth.net ISSUE SIX 2008 engage | uk