engage magazine issue 006/\'08 - Page 27

SUPPLIER DIVERSITY 27 ‘Reggie’ coined the phrase What is a diverse supplier*? In the UK - A diverse supplier is a company/trader which is at least 51% owned, controlled or operated by one or more individuals who are members of an ethnic minority group, are women, or are disabled. (Source: London Development Agency) In the US – A diverse supplier is a business which is at least 51% owned, controlled and operated by a diverse member or members, and be within the size standards for the business’s industry set by the Small Business Administration and/or certified by the National Minority Supplier Development Council. Small businesses, minority businesses, womenowned businesses, service disabled veteran-owned small businesses, veteranowned small businesses, and HUB-Zone businesses (business located in high unemployment areas) all qualify as diverse suppliers. He also says there is a lack of information about supplier diversity and how positive it can be to the UK. “Noone has seen evidence of supplier diversity working well,” said Williams. Reginald Williams are a few barriers I see that will affect the success of supplier diversity in the UK. Firstly there needs to be a general consensus among all effective groups. A consensus of working together, which is something I currently don’t see taking place within the UK. There is no real uniform action, but instead a disjointed effort by individuals in the UK “Secondly, the consensus must most certainly include business women, who are growing at a much faster rate than men. The signs are there that women are very important to the supplier diversity case. “Thirdly, it needs to be made certain that there is broad-based public support for supplier ٕͥ丁]ЁѡՉѡ́ݡЁ]䁥٥Յ́ѼЁ́ٽѕ̻t!ͼ́ͅѡɔ́ɵѥЁȁٕͥ䁅܁ͥѥٔЁѼѡU,q9͕́٥ȁٕͥݽɭݕtͅ]̸Q́ͽЁɵѥ́ѼՉ͕ѡՍ́ѽɥ́́Ѽչٕɕ!ͼѕ́ѕչѥ́ѡȁɥȁѼѡՍ́ȁٕͥݥѡѡU,qQɔ́Ѽѥɕ܁ݔѥՔѼɽٔѡͥݽɥѥ́ѡȁٕͥ䁍t Ё]ٕ́́ѡU,́ٔЁЁمхٕȁѡULѡɽUTݡ͍ɥ́́qɅ܁ɕЁձɕ́tq ЁѡɽUԁٔՍɝȁյȁ͕ͥ́ѼхɝЁѡѡULt́ͅIqЁѥ͕́镐ѡ̸Uչѕѡɔ́ѥѥٔݥѡѡTѡЁ͕ٕ́ͥ́ͥ䁉Ёѡɔ́Ѽ%Ёݽձٔ՝Ёɽչt()%MMUM%`լ((0