engage magazine issue 006/\'08 - Page 21

www.supplyrussia.com Interested in new business opportunities in Russia and the CIS? Some reasons to do business in the Russian Federation and former Soviet Union states: § § § § § § Annual GDP growth rate of 7% Increased import rate Rising real incomes and market stability Membership of World Trade Organization and OECD Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics Trade surplus of €100 billion Working in the Russian Federation and former Soviet Union states presents a range of opportunities and challenges for companies of all sizes. SupplyRussia provides relevant and practical services to companies in the UK, Europe and Russia. We have experienced business, procurement, and tendering experts to work with companies for short, medium and/or long term assignments. We provide consultancy, training and mentoring initiatives which help businesses exploit opportunities. We also offer dedicated consultancy services to meet clients’ needs in securing business and managing contracts and finance. Our services include: § § § § § § § Market research and establishing contacts Training and workshops Investment tours and visas Access to tenders and business opportunities Hot-desking and virtual office facilities Translation and interpretation Representation and agency function Contact our London or Moscow offices to find out more about what we can do for you: T. 07950 943051 (UK) or (495) 741 96 06 (Russia); E. info@supplyrussia.com www.supplyrussia.com