engage magazine issue 006/\'08 - Page 13

Become part of the Olympic supply chain! London 2012 estimate that up to 75,000 supply chain opportunities will be generated by the London 2012 Games. Engage is working with the London Business Network to help its readers access these business opportunities through an exciting new online service that has just been launched. The ground-breaking website, named CompeteFor, is the chosen site of London 2012 for the publication of Games-related contract opportunities. It gives businesses direct access to supply chain opportunities created by the London 2012 Games and business support to help grow your business and competitiveness. We are pleased to invite you to register your business by visiting www.london2012.com/business and following the link to CompeteFor. Registering is easy, free and only needs to be done once. You will then be automatically matched with relevant Games-related opportunities that you can apply for. Register today! Visit www.london2012.com/business and follow link to CompeteFor.