engage magazine issue 006/\'08 - Page 11

NEWS FOCUS 11 News London 2012 ‘dating Smaller firms ‘hardest hit by steep agency’ for East Midlands businesses rise in visa fees’ “Businesses are going to face a considerable increase in visa fees this year, and some smaller firms could see them go up by as much as 580%*, says the Confederation of British Industry (CBI). Reacting to the government’s announcement this month of fees it will charge business for visas under the new Points Based migration system (PBS), the CBI’s Deputy Director-General, John Cridland, added: “Whether an employer needs just one skilled migrant or fifty, they must pay a new flat registration fee. This only becomes cost effective the more people you hire, so smaller firms will take more of a hit. “Business accepted last year’s rise of 135% in skilled work permit fees on the basis it would fund improvements to the immigration system. There’s been little progress in developing better employer support, but the government has still imposed further cost increases at a time when it is also expecting employers to perform more rigorous checks on their employees as part of the system.” He said The CBI has supported the Points-Based System as a flexible way of managing migration but that it will need to be fair and seen to work in practice. * Lloyds TSB Business in Britain Survey, January 2008 A new service has launched for East Midlands businesses that want to provide goods or services to London 2012. ‘CompeteFor’ is a ‘business dating agency’ which enables companies based in the region to bid for direct and supply chain business opportunities arising from the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games. Supported by the East Midlands Development Agency (emda), ‘Compete For’ also links companies with local Business Link services to help boost the long-term competitiveness of businesses in the region. The Olympic Delivery Authority (ODA) and London Organising Committee (LOCOG) expect to allocate over £6bn of work as part of an estimated 75,000 future business opportunities, covering direct contractors and their supply chains over the coming years. To date, even though only a small proportion of contracts have been issued, over 20 companies based in the East Midlands have already supplied the ODA. More than 700 companies in the East Midlands have registered to receive ealerts about London 2012 procurement opportunities. For further information about the London 2012 Business Network, visit www.london2012.com/ business developing new business (52%) prefer one-to-one communication rather than other methods of correspondence with prospects and customers, compared with 39% of their lower-performing colleagues. In addition, top performers are W72ƖVǒF7VBFRF֖7G&FfRF62&Rf&FFR&W'B2f&RBwwrvG6wGB66W6VffV7FfVW72ࠤ&ƖB'W6W76v27FVƖ2F6&VBVG&W&VWW"v&@&ƖB'W6W762vFRf'7BWfW"7FVƖ2F6&VBVG&W&VWW"v&B'V'6&GV&B6W6&RF6&ƗG"Fb66G6r&6VBVVG2v7F'FVB6r26vBg&FRvRbb2FRfVFW"bG&fVWW2FRf'7B6W&6FW"W&F"F7V6Ɨ6RƖF2f"f7Vǒ&VBB6vFVBT&6VBG&fVW'2R6C( FR *3Sv&RW6VBFWBG&fVWW2FgVǒFW&F6W'f6RF2vV&RW2F6W'fRW"&ƖBB6vFVBG&fVW'2&VBFRv&B7FVƖ26C( 6VbVVB2FRǒf&RFf"F6&VBVR2BffW'2fW&ƗGBV2'72V6bFR&VVF6RFB6Fǒ7FW7G2FRv&6R( V&B6W6&RF6&ƗGV6VBFRv&BB7FVƖ22VFvVBFv&vFFR6&Gf"FRWBFVV'2FvfR *3SV6V"F7&FF6&VBVG&W&VWW"ࠤ55TR4#VvvRV